Lamy Safari

    At 14 centimetres long and weighing only 15 grams, you could describe the Lamy Safari as lightweight but it is in fact anything but, in its category it is one of the bestselling writing instruments in the world, loved and used by writers of every age.

    An all-rounder suitable for writing, designing and drawing, the Safari has a simple aesthetic that forgoes superfluous details focusing on functional design, an example of this would be the ergonomic recessed grip that allows for long writing sessions without the hand fatigue.

    The Safari also has a hallmark sturdy clip suitable for clipping to notebooks and shirt pockets, and flattened sides which prevents the pen from rolling off the desk. The nib is also easily removed and can be exchanged for a variety of different widths from extra-fine to broad; they even have a dedicated nib for left-handed writers.

    Made from ABS, a resilient and impact-resistant plastic, the Safari is available in a multitude of bright colours, another reason why it is so popular. With special edition colours launched every year there is always a new shade to look forward to or add to your collection.

    Keep your Safari safe in one of Lamy’s range of luxury leather pen pouches, check them out here.
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