Erasable Pens

    Ever made a mistake writing in ink and wanted to erase it?  Well with erasable pens you can, fixing your error and leaving your page clear to carry on writing.  Check out the variety of colours we have to offer!  With the use of thermo-sensitive ink, a neat innovation, the ink literally vanishes as you use the eraser to remove it.
    These erasable gel pens couple the smooth, free flowing bright coloured ink of a gel pen with the convenience and fun of erasable ink.
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    Unleash the Magic of Erasable Pens!

    You bet they are! Erasable pens are the unicorn of the writing world, giving you the power to erase and correct your mistakes like a pro while enjoying the smoothness of a trusty pen.

    It's all about the ink! Most erasable pens use a special kind of ink called thermo-sensitive ink. When you jot something down, the ink appears just like normal. But when you need to make changes, use the eraser on the pen (or a separate one), and the ink becomes invisible – like magic!

    The technicals: Thermo-sensitive ink contains special compounds that respond to temperature changes. When you erase your ink, the friction causes heat, and the ink undergoes a chemical reaction, changing to a colourless state.

    Fun Fact: the ink is not removed in this process, it is still on the paper - it is just invisible.

    Erasable pens work best on smooth surfaces like paper and cardboard.

    Not really - It may reappear if you put the paper in freezing-cold or very high temperatures.

    We wouldn't advise it - a well known prime minister got himself into trouble for using erasable ink on officials documents. Best to keep these pens for fun and expressive writing.

    Yes, we offer refills for our erasable pens. Simply use the filter in this category above to find your refills.

    Look after your precious erasable pens – keep them safe in a cool
    and dry place, away from the hot sun or extreme temperatures. And
    don't forget to cap them when you're not using them to keep the
    ink fresh and the fun rolling!

    Fun things to do with
    Erasable pens

    Erasable pens are not just really useful.

    You can also have a lot of fun with them. The magic of these pens is that the ink doesn't really get erased when you rub it out. It just disappears, hiding in plain sight.

    Although under normal circumstances you'd probably never see your text again, you can actually bring it back.

    By putting it in the freezer for a short time or heating it up, the writing will magically re-appear. You can have tons of fun with friends by sending them secret messages, so use your imagination and happy writing!