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Fisher space pens were first conceived in 1948 and was designed for use in space, where no ordinary pen could perform in the zero gravity. The secret to the space pen is the pressurised nitrogen ink system which allows Fisher Space pens to write in zero gravity, upside down, underwater, in freezing cold, in searing heat, at any angle and on almost all smooth surfaces; contrary to regular pens which can only write in conventional ways.
We also have range of other popular designers including Parker pens.
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    More about Fisher Space

    Fisher Space Pens are one of the most advanced pens you will ever write with and the Fisher Space Bullet Pen has become one of the most iconic pens of the 20th century. They make the perfect unusual gift for friends, family and colleagues and are a great talking point.

    Understandably favoured by technology enthusiasts, Fisher Space Pens are the must have
    pen of the Century. What would be a better gift then giving a pen that is used in space and still works underwater? You can guarantee that they will be trying it in the sink and upside down just to see it in action!