Parker Ballpoint Pens

    Parker Ballpoint pens have gained a legendary status for quality of writing and are considered the benchmark with their refills being used in many other brands of pen.
    Parker have a range of great ballpoint pens including the Parker Jotter Ballpoint, which is the worlds best selling pen for over 50 years, the Parker Vector, a pen which chooses function over fashion, and the Parker Urban, a new and contemporary Parker pen which has fast become a favourite with Parker fans.
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    At Executive Pens Direct, our Parker ballpoint pen collection includes some of the most advanced designs from this unmistakable brand. Parker is committed to excellence and their ballpoint range combines the finest materials with modern techniques to create pens that are truly state of the art.

    All of the Parker ballpoints in our collection feature the iconic Parker arrow, a hallmark that lets you know you're writing with premium quality tools. Whether you're looking for yourself, or you're treating someone special to a writing instrument for their birthday, retirement or other occasion, there's plenty of designs to choose from. Go classic with neutral shades, or showcase your individuality with a patterned design.

    Many of our Parker ballpoint pens are engraveable, look out for the symbol above your pen of choice and add a personalised touch to your new pen.

    Parker ballpoints embody the company’s commitment and reputation to high-quality craftsmanship, demonstrating the finest of writing utensils. Concepted in 1888, a classic Parker ballpoint has been designed for concise, comfortable handwriting with its retractable mechanism and fast-drying ink. Hence its namesake, a ballpoint pen dispenses ink from a small rotating ball at its tip, producing a smooth, consistent ink flow that’s perfect for writing with ease.​ While many pen enthusiasts often opt for a fountain or rollerball pen because of their sleek style and fluid ink flow, ballpoint pens are more convenient for everyday occasions due to their effortless writing style and utility.

     What makes a Parker ballpoint pen unique?

    Stylish, reputable and sophisticated, Parker's ballpoint range are the pinnacle of convenient handwriting with an elegant and classy feel - there are many reasons why Parker ballpoint pens are so endeared across the world. One of the fundamental differences between ballpoint and other utensils are the type of ink, ballpoint pens were specifically created to suit an oil-based ink that drys much faster than any other pen ink. In addition, because of their durable structure, ballpoints rarely leak or smear.

    ​With other utensils, you may need to carry spare pens or additional ink pots to ensure that you have enough for your writing at all times, however, when it comes to a Parker ballpoint, the pens are designed with a longer life span and an easy refill feature. Ultimately, Parker ballpoint pens provide a great, consistent writing experience with a sturdy, sophisticated and user-friendly design.

    ​Ballpoint or Fountain?

    While Parker ballpoint pens are reliable and durable - perfect for everyday use, they are arguably not as sleek and smooth to use as a Parker fountain or Parker rollerball pen. Even further, ballpoint pens don’t offer the same elegant handwritten aesthetic as Parker fountain and rollerball alternatives.

    ​Executive Pens Direct provides many timeless Parker pens, each giving you a sense of prestige. For that ultimate, timeless aesthetic, we recommend the iconic Parker Jotter which uses specially formulated ‘Quinkflow’ ink to give a smooth and clear line. If you’re looking for the perfect executive ballpoint with a personalised engraving, we recommend the luxurious Parker Sonnet. Each Parker ballpoint is available in a variety of bold colours and magnificent materials. 

    Choosing the right Parker ballpoint pen

    With our wide range of quality, parkers to choose between, there are many factors to consider to suit your specific needs, whether that be size, weight, colour, material, barrel, comfort, etc. Finding the right ballpoint is a completely personal experience.

    Refilling a Parker Ballpoint is easy

    One of the fundamental reasons why Parker ballpoint pens are so popular and dependable regards their reusability - every ballpoint has the ability to refill its ink cartridge. Parker ballpoint pens can only use Parker ink that comes in multiple sizes to suit their extensive range of pens -Fine, Medium and Broad.

    Once you have the right Parker refill that suits your Parker ballpoint, you’ll need to swap it with the old cartridge. Hold the pen up horizontally and twist its lower body until unscrewed, the old refill should reveal itself.

    ​Some pens will have adapters that hold the refill in place, gently replace the old refill from the adapter with the new one. Other Parker pens will have a spring in the tip that will bounce out when the pen has been unscrewed. When swapping refills, place the spring back into its original position with the new refill affixed.