Parker Ingenuity

    Introducing a new generation of writing from the world's best known pen manufacturer. Parker have created their innovative Parker Ingenuity Pen collection featuring their 5th generation patented nib. Not a fountain nib but rather a flexible tip which interacts with the metal casing hood to give an unchallenged fluid, smooth writing experience which adjusts to the users own writing style within a few second of putting pen to paper.
    Not only the forward thinking design drives the popularity of the Parker Ingenuity but it is also no doubt one of their most luxurious ranges combining intricate, precision detailing and modern designs drawing inspiration from current high end watch and jewellery fashions.
    Here you can find a range of luxury Parker Ingenuity Pens finished with sumptuous black lacquers and rubber to brilliant iridescent pearl white's and beautiful rose pink gold, most available in small and large sizes to suit your own preferences.