Write Size Pencils

    Inspired by the process of a child learning to write, these innovative pencils by Write Size have been developed to perfectly fit a child's hand as they grow and learn. These pencils seek to help children with their writing skills by providing them with a tool that they can easily hold and control. You wouldn't give a child adult size shoes to walk in so why should it be any different with pencils and learning to write?
    These pencils come in three sizes and with three different goals. The first size is age 2-6 which focuses on learning to control and grip the pencil, the second is suited for ages 6-10 and is designed to help improve writing confidence and ability. The final size is suited to children aged 10+ and at this stage hopes to see children producing great results and handwriting.
    One of Write Size's beliefs is that providing children with the correct tools will considerably reduce the time taken to learn to write, allowing them to focus and get the most out of their education.
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