Visconti Homo Sapiens

    ‘Forged in the volcano’ the new Visconti Homo Sapiens range of luxury writing instruments uses material as ancient as the world, a unique piece containing over 50% basaltic lava, from the famous Sicilian volcano Mt. Etna, catalysed with a resin using a patented, secret formula. The end result is a beautiful writing tool with extraordinary characteristics.
    The lustrous, matt black material is flameproof and resistant to heat of over 100°C, virtual indestructible, dense to the touch for a relaxing grip and, our personal favourite, is slightly hydroscopic. This means that it actually absorbs perspiration from your hand as you write to ensure the grip is never lost. The beautiful deep hues of the natural bronze trims from which inspiration was drawn from the Bronze Age, the dawn of human civilisation, perfectly complement the sleek barrel and the magnet shut cap mechanism ensures the lid clasps the barrel perfectly.