Troika Pens

    We are pleased to present our new range of Troika pens perfect for the executive men or woman. These wonderful quality pens, designed and manufactured in Germany, combine precision, efficiency and quality. An emerging professional brand for the modern man or woman, each and every one of our Troika products showcases imagination, ingenuity and most importantly, style.
    Troika's quality pens are available in a variety of designs that will suit many hobbies and interests. For someone who is a DIY enthusiast or works in construction, then Troika's Construction Ballpoint Pen is perfect for the job. Designed in the style of a ruler, this would make a fantastic gift or nice surprise for the builder in your life.
    These quality Troika pens are also available with news print, music note and colour designs as well as an elegant range of plain colour and more simple designs. Whatever your reason for buying a pen, we are sure that with our range of Troika pens you will find something that will be just what you are looking for.
    In this section you can browse our collection of Troika Rollerball Pens and Troika Fountain Pens, why not also take a look at Troika's range of contemporary desk sets including paper weights, paperclip holders and pen holders which can be found in our Desk Accessories section
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