Schneider Pens

Schneider Pens are known for their high quality, durability, and innovative designs. The company has its history in producing ballpoint refills, and their pens are used by students, professionals, and artists all over the world. Schneider are best known for their Slider Pen.
Introduced in 2007, the Schneider Slider revolutionised the Ballpoint pen market with its smooth and consistent writing thanks to its unique, inhouse 'ViscoGlide' technology. Perhaps the most popular Slider ballpoint pen is the Slider Rave, which combines the smooth writing of the Slider with a new ergonomc shape for comfort and grip. The Schneider Slider Rave made it onto our Top 5 Best Ballpoint Pens list and is a must for any office, desk or pencil case.
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    A Smoother Ballpoint
    Schneider Slider

    Schneider have been producing ballpoint refills for over 80 years and in that time have been innovating and creating new inks. Their ViscoGlide ballpoint ink is closer to a rollerball ink in its smooth flow and the Slider range takes full advantage of this.

    A soft rubberised barrel for better grip and an ergonomic shape help to make the Schneider Slider Rave one of our top ballpoint pen picks for long writing sessions.

    Even Smoother
    Schneider Gelion

    Schneider are also experts in gel ink. Their gel pens are some of the best on the market for their exceptional writing experience.

    The Gelion range offers an ultra smooth and light writing experience thanks to Schneider's special gel ink.

    The ink is quick drying and smudge proof, so perfect for even left handers. And thanks to its innovative formula, it offers longer durability when compared with other gel ink pens.