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Pilot are renowned for offering a diverse selection of everyday pens, in a multitude of colours and designs. Their V-System Liquid Ink Rollerball pens have been a staple for decades and are always popular by students and professionals for their ease of writing, confident style and distinctive looks. The V-5 Hi-Tecpoint is a particularly impressive needlepoint rollerball pen.

The Pilot V-7 Rollerball offers a cartridge system to be able to refill your needlepoint rollerball when required. The Frixion range needs no introduction, released in 2007, they have quickly become one of Pilots best selling ranges, having the unique ability to erase and rewrite using its special thermosensitive ink. And they come in both gel pens and brightly coloured neon highlighter pens.

Pilot have also recently released a range of eco friendly Ballpoint pens called B2P (Bottle to Pen) in a move to reduce waste and highlight the problem of plastic pollution. You'll find these fun pens in this collection, their barrels looks like an empty plastic bottle to remind us of plastic waste everytime we use it.

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    Pilot BeGreen

    Pilot have recently released a range of Eco conscious ballpoint pens. The B2P (Bottle to Pen) range - a pen made from recycled plastic bottles consisting of 86% recycled plastic bottles, 2.5% being recovered from oceans, seas, and rivers.

    The barrel of the pen is transparent and designed to look like a clear plastic bottle which is kinda neat. Their hope is to raise awareness of the plastic waste issue that is plaguing the planet and doing some small thing to help.

    Pilot Ecoball - B2P Ballpoint Pens