Parker Fountain Pens

    If you’re looking for a classic pen gift we have a wide range of Parker fountain pens for sale and a selection of Parker fountain pen sets which include a matching ballpoint or rollerball pen. You can also add a name, quote or message for that added personalised touch - just look out for the ‘Engravable’ logo on the product. Our engraved Parker pens make a fantastic gift, especially for big milestone celebrations.
    A Parker Fountain Pen is a pleasure to write with, using Parker's famously smooth specially formulated 'Quink Ink', specially formulated for superior writing performance. Parker fountain prices suit all budgets, starting out at just over £10 with the Parker Vector fountain pen range, moving up to the Parker Jotter and Parker IM fountain pens priced at £20-30 and the mid-range IM Premium. If you’re looking for luxury Parker fountain pens, the Parker Sonnet range is a perfect combination of style and reliability, perfect for a gift for someone who appreciates the finer things.
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    Parker Fountain pens are an elegant addition to a pen collection. They are highly popular, come in a range of colourful and modern designs and they are very affordable. Their popularity is enhanced by their ease of use. Some fountain pens can be temperamental; Parker fountain pens just work and are backed by over 135 years of development and evolution.

    Why choose a Parker Fountain Pen?

    Despite their comparative affordability, you're still rewarded with a feeling of prestige when writing with a Parker fountain pen. Unlike Parker rollerball pens which use liquid/gel-based ink, Parker fountain pens utilise a lavish ink that provides the smoothest writing experience which feels very personal and joyful.  

    Given their timeless nature, Parker fountain pens are stylish and aesthetically pleasing - Parker offers a plethora of unique shapes and designs. As a result, many Parker fountain pens are seen as vintage collectables, curated and collected by many hobbyists and pen aficionados. 

    ​Should I get a Parker ballpoint, fountain or rollerball pen?

    While Parker fountain pens are exquisite and comfortable - apt for elegant writing, they do have a few limitations. Parker Fountain pens require a little more maintenance than a regular Parker ballpoint or Parker rollerball pen, for example, it’s recommended that Parker fountain pens are fully cleaned at least once a month. 

    ​Given their meticulous attributes, Parker fountain pens tend to be more expensive than ballpoint and rollerball pens. 

    However what you get in return is a very personalised writing experience - one that actually helps to improve your handwriting, since you will likely write slower with a fountain pen and you'll find the experience more enjoyable. Ultimately that is why people come back to fountain pens again and again, and why we always recommend fountain pens for those who enjoy writing.

    Which model should I choose?

    Finding the right Parker fountain pen (or any pen for that matter) is a completely personal experience and will likely be influenced by a range of factors, from price to colour to design. Below is a collection of Parker fountain pens that are top sellers on our market.

    Parker Jotter Fountain Pen

    First introduced in 1954, typically, when you think of a Parker pen you’ll most likely think of the iconic Parker Jotter. A practical yet affordable, stylish and fun fountain pen with a sleek design - the Jotter is a staple range from Parker that has been known and loved by many a writer and doodler.  

    Parker IM Fountain Pen

    Highly professional and polished, the Parker IM fountain pen is an ideal partner, utilised with a hard-wearing, stainless steel medium or fine nib. The Parker IM has a tapered silhouette for ergonomic writing, and a well balanced weight, finished with a variety of colours and designs.

    Parker IM Premium Fountain

    Redesigned in 2017, the Parker IM Premium features brand-new colours, patterns and finishes. The ballpoint has a gunmetal finish, engraved with a modern grid-style pattern. In addition, the pen is finished with lustrous chrome trims that perfectly complement its colour and style. Parker has tapered the silhouette of the pen, stabilising it for those longer writing sessions. The Parker IM Premium rollerball is complete with a luxury Parker gift box and writes in blue ink.

    Parker Sonnet Fountain

    Designed with elegance and style in mind, the Parker Sonnet fountain is a superior writing instrument at an affordable price, perfect for any pen devotee. The rollerball is refined with an array of materials, the utensil has a steel barrel, finished with a range of lacquers and colours and accompanying plated trims and the Parker stamp. The Parker Sonnet is complete with a luxury, redesigned Parker gift box that exudes opulence.

    Parker Urban Fountain

    Redesigned for 2017, the Parker Urban collection is cooler and more modern than ever. Not only does the Parker Urban look vibrant with its lustrous trims, it’s also practical with an ergonomic silhouette body that ensures a strain-free, enjoyable writing session.