Noodler's Ink

    Noodler’s Ink is a small American company based in Southern Massachusetts, since the company began in 2004 they have become widely well known for both the wide range of unique coloured inks and funky fountain pen designs.

    The full manufacturing process takes place in the USA, from the glass bottles and packaging to the ink itself.

    Noodler’s has taken the world by storm with so many across the world loving the inks for their special properties and colours. With inks that are waterproof, cold resistant and even forge resistant it’s no wonder they’ve made such a name for themselves.

    Due to Noodler's inks being hand made in small batches, colours can vary slightly from one ink to another.

    The Inks are mainly stocked in the USA, with few stockists being based in Europe. Therefore we do not stock the full Noodler's range - just our favourites and the most popular. If there is a particular colour or product that you are interested in, just get in touch with our team at: or 0203 371 0226 and our team would be more than happy to look into this for you.