Fountain Pen Ink Bottles


    An essential for any fountain pen enthusiast, we stock a great range of bottled fountain pen inks in many different colours from a variety of suppliers. We even stock Platinum mix-free inks which allow you to create your own unique ink colours at home.

    Using fountain pen ink bottles is often more economical than using cartridges as it lasts much longer and it certainly makes for a more rewarding writing process. Most fountain pens can use any type of ink regardless of the pen's manufacturer and it often comes down to cost and your personal preference. One of the most recommend brands is Waterman whose inks flow very well in the majority of pens and are available in black, blue, red and green.

    We have ink refills for all of our pens, from the popular Parker fountain pen to the more luxurious offerings from Montegrappa and Visconti.

    If you are looking for an ink with more colours we would suggest Monteverde’s ink which has a fabulous or if shimmer and glitter is your thing check out the ranges from Robert Oster and Diamine for something extra special.

    Our pewter ink bottles also make excellent corporate gifts for someone who writes with a fountain pen, especially if you couple it with one of our from Engraved Fountain Pens to make an extra special gift that can be used again and again.

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