Conklin Duragraph Pens


    Launched in 1923 by Conklin, the Duragraph was designed to be treasured and passed on through generations and is now offered with a lifetime guarantee to back up the claims that this pen is as durable as its name sounds.

    A substantially sized pen yet not too unwieldy in the hand, this new Duragraph collection has had a contemporary makeover yet still maintains its oversize flat-top design. Available in 5 colours, the Duragraph is lovingly crafted from quality handmade resigns for a truly special pen.

    A new addition to the collection, the Duragraph Duraflex is fitted with Conklin's new Omniflex nib which allows you the flair and writing style of a brush calligraphy writing instrument all while writing with a reliable, top-quality fountain pen.

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