The top 5 beginner pens that you need now!

Pens for a total beginner can be daunting, especially if you're keen to know more but don't know where to start. Don't worry, we’ve got you! This list of the best pens to begin your journey with will help you. Whether on a budget or if you're ready to blow some cash to have a great pen.

5. Parker Pen Jotter Original Pen

Parker Pen Pens Beginner Beginners Top 5 Affordable Colourful Executive Pens Direct

At number five, our first option is the Parker Pen Jotter Original. Starting at £7.95 each on Executive Pens Direct, the pen is affordable and manufactured by a reputable brand. This ballpoint pen is an excellent addition to any person's stationery collection. Catering to both young and old writers.

The quality of this pen is not compromised by the price, showing that you don't have to splash the cash to get a great piece of kit. Furthermore, this pen is aesthetically pleasing, there's nothing worse than an ugly pen.

The pen comes in 12 different colours, an amazing range for anyone with a favourite colour. This pen is ideal for those on a budget and caters to beginners well, potentially becoming a well-valued pen within anyone's collection.

Parker Pen is a recognised and respected brand around the world, so you can have confidence in its quality.

4. Legami Erasable Gel Pen

Legami Pen Pens Beginner Beginners Top 5 Affordable Colourful Executive Pens Direct

At number four, we have the Legami Erasable Gel Pen, which is refillable. This pen retails at £1.99 on Executive Pens Direct. The pen comes in an array of different designs, from Pigs to Sharks and a floral design. This pen is an effective tool that again comes from a valued pen brand that's used across the world.

The pen is erasable, meaning it is great for beginners. The designs of the pen are also friendly and fun for all ages, from children to adults!

The creativity of the design of the pen, as well as the amazing price point, is sure to make your creativity flow. Refills for the erasable pen retail at £3.99 on Executive Pens Direct, ecological and financial friendly!

3. Papermate Inkjoy 300 Retractable Ballpoint Pen

Papermate Inkjoy Pen Pens Beginner Beginners Top 5 Affordable Colourful Executive Pens Direct

At number 3 we have the Paper Mate Inkjoy 300 Retractable Ballpoint Pen. This pen is from another well-known pen brand; Paper mate. They're known for their simplicity and for being able to “get the job done” .

Papermate has been around since 1949 and changed the pen game globally. Through its fast-drying ink, which was harder to smudge the pens became popular. For a beginner, this pen is a great choice of efficiency, cleanness and price.

The pen comes in a smaller variety of colours and the design will be comfortable in the writer's hand. Perfect for someone starting on their writing journey!

2. Cross Tech 2 Satin Black Ballpoint Pen


Cross Pen Pens Beginner Beginners Top 5 Affordable Colourful Executive Pens Direct Stylus

At number 2, we have the Cross Tech 2 Satin Black Ballpoint Pen. The pen retails for over £30 on Executive Pens Direct (when it is not on sale), meaning it is our most expensive pen on this list. The quality and originality of this pen will shine through immediately. Money well spent!

This pen is a “dual-personality” and has both a pen end and a stylus end for use on touchscreen tech. This is perfect for those who love technology and prefers not to have fingerprints over their screens.

The pen itself is easy to use and glides perfectly across the paper. The twist-close feature of the pen helps to keep the ink from going everywhere when you drop it into your bag. Cross pens are well known and respected around the world which makes this pen reliable.

The cross tech 2 Satin Ballpoint Pen comes in a range of different colours, black being the most popular.

1. STABILO EasyOriginal Ergonomic Pen

Stabilo Easy Original Pens

At number 1, we have the STABILO EASYoriginal Ergonomic. The ergonomic design of this pen and its refillable ink make this pen a brilliant starter pen for anyone. Plus for the great price of less than £10 on Executive Pens Direct, why wouldn't you give this ergonomic pen a go?

The STABILO brand is well known for school pens, living up to its aims of making children's handwriting better. While marketed toward children, this pen will work for adults who want to improve handwriting.

It comes in a variety of colours and different refills that allow it to go from a fine tip to a medium in a few twists. This pen is perfect for children and adults who want to improve their handwriting. The pen is built to cater to the shape of hands, which then makes handwriting better.

All these pens are best suited for beginners, whether you want to spend a little or a lot. Their craftsmanship and quality are never compromised and lead the way to great progression within your writing. From Parker pens to STABILO pens, these brands are trusted by millions worldwide. All the pens listed are available on Executive Pens Direct and are waiting for you to use them in your pen journey! Comment down below what you think, or if we missed any great beginner pens!

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    can anyone please tell me the brand name of a pen with a logo that looks like 4 G’s arranged in a square? thanks

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