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Benu Talisman - Spotlight on the Range

When we first added the BENU brand to our collection, we were astonished by how bold the designs were.  No other stationery brand does what they do.  Right from the start, their aim was clear:

"to make writing instruments and desk accessories for those who prefer bold, bright colours and new designs that are playful, stylish and fun." -

The Benu Talisman range continues and builds on that philosophy.  The Talisman is not just another collection of stationery products; it's a manifestation of artistic expression, craftsmanship, and a touch of enchantment in the world of stationery. Talisman Fountain pens seamlessly marry aesthetics with utility. Each pen in this collection boasts a harmonious blend of striking visual appeal and exceptional functionality.

BENU Talisman - Dragon's Blood

Talisman Dragons Blood Fountain Pen

Throughout history, a substance known as Sanguis Draconis, or Dragon's Blood, has held a mystical place in the realms of magic rituals and alchemy. This enigmatic substance, was harvested, not from Dragons, but from a peculiar genus of trees.  The most renowned member of this botanical family is Dracaena Draco, often referred to as the Dragon Tree. Within the vibrant crimson resin obtained from Dracaena Draco lies a tapestry of ancient myths and legends waiting to be unraveled.

Dragons Blood Benu Fountain Pen

The legendary Dragon Tree first emerges in the epic tale of Hercules and his fateful encounter with Ladon, the serpent-like dragon from ancient Greek legend. Ladon was dispatched by Hera, the Queen of Heaven, to guard the sacred fruit she had bestowed upon Zeus. Hercules was tasked with the perilous mission of stealing the Hesperides apples, all while the dragon stood vigilant.

Against the odds, Hercules triumphed over the fearsome Ladon, and as the dragon's lifeblood spilled upon the earth, it gave rise to the "dragon" trees. These unique Dragon Trees, distinguished by their lithe trunks and spiky leaves, persistently bleed an oozing, reddish sap whenever their bark is pierced.

Inspired by these timeless tales, BENU embarked on a quest to not only encapsulate these stories in the colour and design of each pen but to breathe life into them by infusing actual Dragon's Blood into the material of each pen.

BENU Talisman - Dream Bean

Benu Talisman Dream Bean Fountain Pen

The African Dream Bean, a climbing vine indigenous to the southern regions of Africa, holds a place of significance within traditional communities due to its many uses. Yet, it is most renowned for its ability to induce lucid dreams, which many believe open communication with the spirit realm.

In a sacred ritual, traditional healers or shamans transform dried Dream Bean seeds into a fine powder, which is then used in a ceremonial pipe-smoking practice before sleep. This ancient tradition places the participant into a dream-like state, facilitating a direct channel of communication between the living and the world of spirits. During these ethereal encounters, individuals seek guidance from their ancestral spirits who are said to offer their advice.

Dream Bean BENU Talisman Fountain Pen

Across various African tribes, the Dream Bean's chocolate-hued seeds take on a different role as amulets and tokens of good fortune. These seeds are often strung together to craft exquisite jewelry pieces, with the belief that wearing them confers protection and endows the wearer with supernatural abilities. The African Dream Bean thus weaves a rich tapestry of cultural significance and mystique in the traditions of its native lands.

Inspired by these rituals BENU have ingeniously woven these ancient stories into the fabric of this enigmatic pen, by incorporating the essence of Dream Bean powder into the material of every handmade pen.

BENU Talisman - Edelweiss

BENU Talisman Edelweiss Fountain Pen

"The Legend of the Edelweiss" tells the story of the Snow Queen, a beautiful and heartless fairy who resided on the highest peaks of the Alps. Despite countless suitors attempting to win her heart, she remained indifferent to their affections and watched as her goblins banished each one who sought her hand.

One day, a shepherd, captivated by the tale, decided to try his luck. After a perilous journey, he finally reached the Snow Queen's ice palace. Overwhelmed by her beauty, he knelt in admiration, unable to speak. Surprisingly, the Snow Queen found herself growing fond of him. As time passed, she even considered marrying him, a thought that alarmed the goblins guarding her.

Fearing their Queen would abandon them, the goblins took matters into their own hands and cast the young man into the abyss. The Snow Queen, unable to prevent this tragedy, shed her very first tear, which transformed into the first edelweiss, a flower that now blooms on the most remote and perilous peaks of the Alps. This legendary tale illustrates the transformation of the Snow Queen from a heartless fairy to a compassionate woman through the loss of her beloved suitor, giving rise to the edelweiss, a symbol of the Alps' beauty and the sacrifices made for love.

Edelweiss BENU Talisman Fountain Pen

Leontopodium Nivale, commonly known as Edelweiss, is a resilient flower that thrives in the mountainous heights of the Alps. Steeped in mystic folklore, this remarkable plant carries a rich legacy of myths, many of which revolve around the themes of proving one's worth and uncovering the essence of true love.

In times past, people held a deep belief in the mystical virtues of this unique flower. They used it as incense, convinced that the fragrant smoke possessed the power to banish malevolent spirits from their farms and dwellings. Over time, its healing properties became the stuff of poems and tales, one such example being the 1970 classic, "Asterix in Switzerland."  This comic narrative follows the adventures of close friends Asterix and Obelix, who embark on a quest to procure edelweiss, known as the 'Silver Star' in the story, as an antidote to a potent poison.

Even today, the faith in the magical attributes of Edelweiss endures. Some still believe that when fashioned into a wreath and worn Edelweiss bestows the power of invisibility and serves as a shield against daggers and bullets.  By infusing the petals of this magical plant into their materials, BENU have masterfully combined the mystique of Edelweiss with the modern fountain pen.

BENU Talisman - Foxglove

Benu Talisman Foxglove Fountain Pen

Originating from Western Europe, the foxglove flower boasts towering spires adorned with numerous eye-catching, finger-shaped blossoms. Its legend comes wrapped in myriad tales, each adding mythical intrigue to the origins of this unique plant.

In the realm of myth and folklore, a captivating tale suggests that mischievous fairies bestowed upon the foxes a treasure of dainty, bell-shaped blossoms, a gift to adorn their paws. With these delicate flowers, the cunning foxes were granted the extraordinary power to tread in silence, venturing stealthily into the heart of rural villages.

While the image of a fox wearing gloves may initially raise an eyebrow, the enchanting partnership between fairies and foxes deepens when we consider that during the 14th century, fairies were lovingly dubbed the "good folk." It is in this affectionate title that we find a connection, for the word "fox" is thought to have its roots in the term "folk."

Foxglove Benu Talisman Fountain Pen

Whether this charming tale of gloves gifted by sly fairies or the pronunciation shift of "folk's glove" gave rise to the plant's name, one enduring belief persists—the presence of a foxglove is thought to usher in good fortune and prosperity.

The foxglove's alternate names, a rich tapestry of folklore, further illuminate its profound ties to the world of myth and magic. Among these titles are Fairy Petticoats, Fairy Thimbles, Fairy Fingers, Fairy Weed, Fox Mittens, Witches Bells, Witches Thimbles, Folks Gloves, and Fox Bells.  These enchanting names only add to the Foxglove's aura of mystique in the myths and stories surrounding it.

Whether you believe in fairies or you cherish these age-old tales for their enigmatic allure, the BENU Talisman Foxglove Fountain pen stands as the ideal fairy quill for your journey. As your words flow from its nib, consider the enchanting possibility that these mischievous beings may grace you with their blessings of luck and prosperity.

BENU Talisman - Mandrake

BENU Talisman Mandrake Fountain Pen

The Mandragora Officinarum, or Mandrake plant, finds its origins in the Mediterranean and the Himalayas. Carrying a rich history entwined with religious and occult traditions, this plant is most renowned for its powerful roots, curiously reminiscent of the human form.

The mandrake, known as "love plant", finds its earliest traces in the Bible. We find mention twice within the Jewish scripture, both in the Genesis and the Song of Songs. In the Genesis, Rachel, the wife of Jacob, turns to this remarkable plant in her quest to bear a child. With its sweet fragrance that stirs desires, the Song of Solomon weaves a tapestry of romance as Solomon and his new bride are drawn together. Here, the scripture reveals the mandrake's intimate ties to passion and fertility.

In the middle ages, the mandrake's reputation as an aphrodisiac and fertility talisman takes root. The Doctrine of Signatures explains that plants that bear resemblance to human form have healing properties over the associated body parts.  The mandrake's likeness to a newborn gave those yearning for children hope, and they placed these enigmatic roots beneath their pillows, invoking the plant's power of fertility. 

Yet, the mandrake also had a more sinister side, offering not only blessings but the potential to wield dominion over the destinies of others.  In the hushed whispers of sacred groves, the mandrake is said to be a guarded by demons. Its roots, when unearthed, are believed to scream in agony, a shriek that render those who hear it insensible. Harvesting these roots was a perilous act, requiring the wisdom of ancient druids and enchanters, and was said to be only safe to do so in the moonlight.

Talisman Mandrake Glow in the dark

Adorned with vivid purple blossoms and verdant leaves, often forming a distinctive basal rosette, the BENU Talisman Mandrake pen draws inspiration from these natural hues and shapes.  Further inspiration is drawn from the act of harvesting during the moonlight.  The Talisman Mandrake radiates in the darkness, its barrel is luminescent, signifying the ability to illuminate creativity and ideas even in the midst of obscurity.

Final Thoughts

The Benu Talisman range of pens embodies a remarkable fusion of artistry, craftsmanship, and the mystical world of myths and legends.  In creating the Talisman pens, Benu have sought to craft more than just writing tools; they have created writing instruments of inspiration. The infusion of mythical elements into each pen's design aims to kindle the flames of the writers creativity.  Whether it's the ethereal glow of the Mandrake pen, the captivating wonder of the Foxglove, or the mysteries of the Edelweiss, each pen carries a piece of the enchanting world.

In a stationery world that can sometimes be mundane, Benu's Talisman range is a reminder that the extraordinary lies just beneath the surface.  BENU have succeeded in crafting not just pens but instruments of wonder.  The Talisman range is a tribute to the allure of myth, legend and imagination. 

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