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Founded in 1988, Visconti is a relative newcomer in the luxury pen industry, but in a short space of time has firmly established itself as one of the top pen manufacturers for beauty and inspiring themes.
Based in Florence, all Visconti Pens are manufactured and designed to the highest standard possible using only the finest materials. It is this combination that has led to the enviable reputation for quality craftsmanship Visconti has become synonymous with.
At Executive Pens Direct, we have a beautiful selection of Visconti pens, including Visconti fountain pens which are available in the ever popular Visconti Homosapien and Visconti Rembrandt designs.
Among the collection of Visconti pens are a great number of uniquely designed limited edition pens. Due to the passion which these Visconti pens evoke, they were quite rightly selected for history making events such as signing the NATO-Russia Summit on May 28, 2002, which marked the end of the cold war and the G8 Summit at L'Aquila in July 2009.
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