Parker Pen Refills


    Parker Ballpoint Refills can be used in many brands of pen. The Parker Rollerball Refills are unqiue and must be used with Parker Rollerball Pens. In this section we have every Parker Pen refill and Parker Pencil refill for all your Parker Pens. If you are buying Parker refills for other pen brands, please check that it is the correct refill first. Parker Fountain pen ink cartridges come in 2 sizes, long and short, these have the same connection the only difference is the amount of ink they hold.

    Parker pen refills use 'Quink', an invention by Parker in 1931, which means quick ink. Parker's intention was to create ink which dried rapidly, removing the requirement for blotting. This is still true today in all their Pen refills.

    We also have a huge range of beautiful Parker Pens including the Parker IM, Parker Jotter and Parker Sonnet ranges along with our handpicked collection of engraved pens.

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