Technical Drawing Pens & Pencils

    Technical Drawing refers to the skill or profession of sketching and creating a plan that can be visualised so it is able to be carried out. Most often the people who have this ability are engineers, architects, contractors, electricians and inventors but it can extend to other professions and even be a hobby. This technical drawing is essential in explaining and showcasing the features and functions of a product and the person creating the drawing is better known as a Draughtsman or Drafter.
    The difference between Technical and Artistic drawing is that there is much less room for interpretation in technical drawing, things are drawn to be as close to reality as possible in order to produce a functioning product. There are rules and specific guidelines to follow in technical drawing which ensure that the intent is clear and there is no confusion.
    In this modern age there are a lot of computer programs and software which are designed to make the process easier and faster, much to the annoyance of skilled and experienced technical drawers. These programs are called CAD/Computer Aided Design.
    For those who prefer the traditional, paper route to Technical Drafting, we have plenty of Mechanical Pencils which could make the perfect addition to your toolkit. One of our newest brands, rOtring, is focused especially on the creative, technical drafter and they combine precise German engineering with tools that look iconic and are in tune with the personal style of creative individuals.
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