Rollerball Pens

    A rollerball pen uses liquid ink for a smoother fluid writing action, combining the sleek flow of a fountain pen with the ease of use and reliability of a ballpoint. We’ve put together a collection of top rollerball pens from designer brands such as Parker, Cross and Waterman.
    If you’re looking for the best rollerball pen for the money, we recommend the classic Cross Rollerball Pen collection - and why not personalise your pen with a name or message for a thoughtful gift.
    We also have the Sheaffer VFM range which is a pocket friendly, cheap rollerball pen that is still sleek and stylish. The best luxury rollerball pen is the  Cross Townsend 23ct Gold Plated pen, which is used by US presidents to sign legislation including Barack Obama, George W. Bush and Bill Clinton. These roller ball pens make brilliant corporate pens due to their weighted luxury feel, high functionality and exceptional writing style. If it's an important occasion, our corporate rollerball pens could be engraved with a business logo, achievement or name too.
    If you would like to learn more about the history of the rollerball, some fun facts and how it differs from other pens, our Ultimate Rollerball Pen Guide is live on our blog. Check it out.
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    Smoother than a Ballpoint
    Rollerball Pens

    Rollerball Pens are very similar in their mechanics to a ballpoint pen. They both use a small ball bearing in the tip to 'roll' the ink onto the paper. The main difference is their ink viscosity. A rollerball pen uses wetter ink to provide a smoother writing experience than a ballpoint - closer to that of a fountain pen.

    This allows the user to write for longer periods with less wrist strain as less pressure is needed to write. It is also why a rollerball pen comes with a cap rather than a click top function. The cap is required to keep the rollerball pen ink from drying out.

    Rollerball Pens

    Rollerball Pen FAQs

    A rollerball pen is a type of writing instrument that uses liquid ink to produce smooth and effortless writing. It combines the convenience of a ballpoint pen with the fluid ink flow of a fountain pen. The pen's tip consists of a tiny ball, that rotates as you write, allowing the ink to flow out and create consistent lines on paper.

    Unlike traditional ballpoint pens that use oil-based ink, rollerball pens use water-based or gel ink, which offers a more fluid and vibrant writing experience. This characteristic results in a smoother and more expressive writing style, making rollerball pens a popular choice for those who enjoy a pleasurable and effortless writing experience.

    A ballpoint pen is great for everyday tasks, but a rollerball pen excels in fluidity and smoothness when it comes to writing experience. Rollerball pens provide a smoother and more effortless writing experience due to their liquid ink flow. The result is a more fluid and expressive writing style.

    Yes, rollerball pens excel in precise writing tasks. Their smooth ink flow allows for finer lines and neater penmanship, making them a preferred choice for those seeking accuracy in their writing.

    Absolutely! Rollerball pens often use water-based or gel ink, which produces more vibrant and intense colors compared to the oil-based ink used in ballpoint pens.

    Yes, rollerball pens require less pressure on the paper while writing, making them more comfortable to use, especially during prolonged writing sessions.

    Yes, rollerball pens can be a great option for left-handed writers as they typically have quick-drying ink, reducing the likelihood of smudging or smearing while writing when comapred with fountain pens.

    All of our rollerball pens are refillable, allowing you to easily replace the ink cartridge. Each brand offers their own compatible refills for their pens, you can find them as addons when you purchase your rollerball pen. You can also check out our Rollerball Refills collection if you need extra refills.