Legami Pens

Are you tired of boring stationery and gift items? Look no further than Legami, the brand that will add a pop of color and playfulness to your everyday life.
At the heart of Legami is the belief that life is too short to be dull. That's why their stationery is always bursting with personality and charm. From cute animal-shaped notebooks to funky patterned pens, Legami's range of stationery and gift items won't fail to cheer you up. They are famous for their Legami Erasable Pen, but actually they offer so much more.
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    who is Legami, you ask?

    Let's take a quick trip down memory lane. Founded in Italy in 2003, Legami started as a small family-run business with a big passion for creativity and design. Their very first product was a book strap, to tie your books together for easy carrying - an essential stationery item in the 70s, which appealed immediately to the retro audience.

    Joyful Stationery

    Fast forward to today, and Legami has become a global brand loved by people of all ages for its carefree attitude to colour, fun and vibrancy that they use to bring their products to life.

    If you're a fan of stationery, gel pens, highlighters, erasers, pencil cases and much more, check Legami out.

    Notice Me Notebooks

    But it's not just about looks. Legami is committed to using high-quality materials and eco-friendly production methods, so you can feel good about your purchase. Plus, their products are designed to be practical and functional, making them perfect for both work and play.

    Their notebooks will thrill you everytime you use them, they are fun, colourful and at the same time useful. Why does stationery need to be boring?

    Legami Savannah

    Probably the most popular range is their fantastic Erasable Gel Pen. They come in a collection of fun animals, colours and themes. From Sharks to Llamas, Bunnies to Unicorns, and their newest animals, the Savannah collection. They are as cheap as disposable pens, but you can actually refill them with their compatible refills. Collect them all!

    As an authorised UK stockist of this fabulous and growing brand, you'll find ordering Legami pens from our website quick and easy. We regularly add new Legami products to our range, from the super popular legami erasable pen coming in an eclectic mix of designs, to the legami erasable pen refills in all their fun colours. Just because the Legami shark pen comes with blue ink as standard, doesn't mean you can't change that to a vibrant orange gel ink if you want. Mix and match to create your favorites.

    Inspired by journeys and dreams, Legami's unique yet practical designs are a top seller all over the world.  Whether it’s work, school, home or play, Legami notebooks are perfect for all users.  Plus, with a range of colours and styles, we just know you’ll love your Legami notebooks and stationery as much as we do.  Choose from ruled paper, plain paper or dotted paper favourite Legami notebook is just a click away!