Pilot FriXion

In the ever-evolving world of pens, the Pilot Frixion has managed to stand out from the rest, capturing the hearts of creative minds and note-takers alike. It’s innovative use of thermo-sensitive ink allows you to erase your mistakes and start again, no tip-ex, no sweat.

The Pilot Frixion range of pens includes gel pens, rollerball pens and even highlighters. Professionals, students, artists and note takers alike can all enjoy the freedom of writing that Pilot Frixion gives.

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    Erase, Rewrite, Amaze!
    Pilot Frixion

    At the heart of Pilot Frixion's success is its technological innovation - heat-sensitive ink. The pen uses a unique thermo-sensitive gel ink that turns invisible under the friction of the eraser, allowing you to erase it cleanly. This innovative ink technology not only ensures a clean erasure but also maintains the integrity of the paper, leaving no trace behind. (unlike old eraser pens that removed a layer of paper)

    It's like magic at your fingertips, and just for fun, if you place the paper into the freezer, the ink will return.

    Pilot Frixion Erasable Gel Pen