Pewter & Dip Pen Sets

    We have a beautiful selection of pewter pens and dip pen sets to choose from. The pewter of each pen is artfully etched with detailed designs such as a coat or arms or a flower design.
    Rediscover the joy of writing whether it be to send letters, learn calligraphy or just to better your handwriting, whatever you want to write you can with these charming pewter and dip pen sets. Choose to be different by embracing something which was so popular in the past but has slipped into a niche activity in our modern lives of texts and emails.
    The nibs on most dip pens are interchangeable meaning you can write in many different styles and in varying line widths making them popular with calligraphers and much more flexible than fountain pens. Dip pens allow for the changing of colour very easily and the nibs and handles are more affordable than most fountain pens which makes them appealing to artists as they can make great differences between fine and thick lines.
    Whatever your job there is always time to enjoy writing and our dip pen sets offer the chance to find a new hobby and learn a unique, creative skill. For the perfect set we would recommend our pewter pens which pair very well with our uniquely designed Pewter Ink Bottles.
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