Ink Bottles & Blotters

    Ink blotters are often rocker shaped devices used to pick up extra ink from a page where a fountain pen has been used, and they can be a valuable tool for any calligrapher wishing to avoid bleeding and smears. They came into existence in the early 19th Century where previously salt was used to help calligraphy ink to dry faster to prevent smudging. Using a fountain pen went slightly out of fashion with the invention of quick-drying ink and the ballpoint pen, but the resurgence of writing with a fountain pen has meant that ink blotters are once again necessary items for any calligrapher or fountain pen user.
    To go with your fountain pen and ink blotter we also recommend an ink bottle to store and showcase your favourite inks on your desk. In this section you can find an array of beautiful pewter ink bottles, including plain ink bottles and attractive animal ink bottles.
    For other gifts ideas, we have a stunning selection of calligraphy pens and sets to choose from.