Namiki Pens

Namiki is a Luxury pen brand owned by Pilot Pen Corporation. Their focus is beautifully handmade maki-e fountain pens. Namiki offers a diverse range of pen collections, each with its unique character and style. Namiki pens often feature designs inspired by nature, mythological creatures, and cultural motifs, showcasing the depth of Japanese artistic traditions.
Crafted by artists of extraordinary skill employing time-honoured methods, these pens are genuine works of art making the act of writing a pleasure rather than a chore. The nibs of these exquisite pens are cast from 14-carat Japanese gold and delicately tipped with iridium, ensuring a writing experience that is both smooth and refined.
    Japanese Maki-e
    Namiki Tradition

    Drawing inspiration from traditional Japanese culture, the Namiki Tradition range includes dragons, flowers, and origami. The intricate patterns come to life through the meticulous application of  'Hira Maki-e,' a technique that combines coloured
    Urushi with raw lacquer, coated in a layer of silver and gold powder.  Following a meticulous drying process, multiple layers of Urushi are applied and polished to achieve a rich, deep lustre.

    Namiki Tradition Mount Fuji and Dragon Fountain Pen
    Urushi Lacquer

    The Urushi lacquer, sourced from a specific variety of sumac tree harvested at a precise time each year, undergoes a meticulous processing ritual to ensure durability. Performed by the exclusive Kokkokai, or 'Group of the Nation's Light,' each artist within this group dedicates years perfecting a singular technique - a lifetime commitment to mastery. The resulting designs exhibit an astonishing level of detail on both the barrel and the cap.