Iroshizuku Inks

By Pilot Pens

Produced by Pilot Pens, these exquisite Iroshizuku inks have gained a dedicated following for their vibrant hues of nature, smooth writing experience, and a unique connection to the rich cultural tapestry of Japan.
Iroshizuku is derived from Iro, meaning "colour" and shizuku meaning "droplet" in Japanese, was introduced in 2007 to celebrate the natural world, in particular Kyoto and its natural beauty.

Iroshizuku inks have been specially formulated for fountain pens to provide and unparalleled writing experience. Their quick drying nature minimises smudging on paper and reduces the ink residue buildup in your pens making cleaning your pens easier and switching between inks effortless. When using Iroshizuku inks, you are richly rewarded with vivid colours and writing with an exquisite sheen.
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    Iroshizuku Inks

    What sets Iroshizuku inks apart is not just their quality but also the thoughtful and emotive names given to each colour. The names are inspired by the beauty of nature and seasons in Japan, reflecting the poetic subtleties of Japanese culture. For instance, "Kon-peki" translates to "deep blue sky," capturing the essence of a clear day, while "Momiji" means “Autumn Leaves” and evokes the vivid red hues of autumn maple leaves.

    Iroshizuku Inks by Pilot Pens