Designed and manufactured since 2003, USUS products are designed to stand out with their unique design, subtle aesthetics and functional technical design. They are the perfect everyday pen with no unnecessary frills but plenty of top-quality materials and the promise of a long lasting pen. A novelty pen with a difference, USUS focuses on simplicity making an easy to use magnetic pen perfect for at work and at home.
    German designed and made, the secret to USUS pens revolves around the use of a revolutionary high-tech "Supraspin" system which holds the pen together using magnets. This negates the need for any loose springs or moving parts and significantly adds to the durability of the USUS ball pen.
    You can twist the mechanism in either direction; there is no possibility of over winding and they come in a range of great colours and finishes to suit all tastes. Why not grab yourself an USUS pen today; we’re sure you will love it.
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