STABILO Highlighters

    Highlighting has become a huge part of our everyday life, whether it be during study sessions, school homework or list making. We’ve learnt to rely on our highlighters to bring colour and brightness to our pages!

    STABILO know how to create a great highlighter. Stabilo highlighters are recognised around the world and come in a range of bright neon colours. The Stabilo BOSS Highlighter is the world’s favourite highlighter - the BOSS Original was launched in 1971 and since then has expanded into a huge range of pastel colours to complement the ever popular neons!

    The brilliant range is also available in miniature versions which are perfect for keeping in your pencil case. STABILO have also expanded into some brand new highlighting ranges such as the Stabilo Shine, Swing and Neon – what’s your favourite? We recommend the Stabilo Pastel Highlighter range, you can find them in our collection below.

    At Executive Pens Direct, we’re proud to be an official STABILO supplier and we’re here to help you find the perfect stationery. Why not take a look at the full STABILO collection for a range of fun colouring, fountain and handwriting pens!