Platinum Preppy Fountain Pens

New to Executive Pens Direct, the Platinum Preppy range of fountain pens are ideal for your first fountain pen. As an inexpensive pen, they are fun and colourful additions to your pencil case. They come in a range of colours (Black, Red, Pink, Violet, Crystal Clear, 'Blue Black' and Green), their barrels are made from tough plastic, and they are all see through, meaning you can check your ink levels through the barrel. With such a good price tag, you can can collect the whole range and have a variety of ink colours to write in.

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    Platinum Preppy

    The Preppy fountain pen is one of our top picks. Don't let the inexpensive price tag fool you. This fountain pen can hold its own against luxury pens when it comes to writing. Platinum has given the Preppy a steel nib that writes with a smooth texture, with just enough feedback to make writing with it fun. It also writes first time without any issues.

    The fine nib option is great for small detailed writing but because the ink flow is so good, you can also use it to sketch and cross hatch to create detailed images. There are lots of ink colour choices for this pen aswell making it a very versatile pen.

    The Platinum Preppy is a joy to use and deservedly makes it into our Top 5 Fountain Pens for Beginners List. But it's not just a beginner's fountain pen, it is perfect as an all rounder and you'll be hard pushed to find a better fountain pen for the price.