Crown Mill Paper

    The history of Crown Mill has its roots in the modernist spirit of Renaissance. It all started in 1478 when Emperor Maximilian permitted the monks of La Hulpe Monastery in Belgium to build a mill on the banks of a tiny river known as the Argentine. Two centuries later, on the orders of King Charles II, this water mill became the Royal Mill for the production of writing paper.
    1870 saw the arrival on the scene of the founder of Crown Mill, Frederic Pelletier. He opened a factory for writing paper and envelopes in Brussels, ordering from the Royal Mill a laid paper which was an authentic copy of the original handmade paper. And so Original Crown Mill was born.
    Even today, Original Crown Mill still supply the Royal Family of Belgium with their fine stationery, calligraphy paper and envelopes, and mark their paper with the traditional watermark, a signature of high quality.
    Paper of this fine quality deserves quality pens to write on them. See our selection of quality pens to give with these Original Crown Mill calligraphy paper products to make the gift a complete writing package. Although a Feather Quill Pen that would have been common in 1478 isn't necessary, we do have these available, along with our range of Parker Fountain Pens and Silver Pens which would suit the high quality of this paper.