Conklin Pens

Here at Executive Pens Direct we have a great selection of Conklin Fountain pens as well as Parker Pens including the Conklin Duragraph, a statement pen with a bold, modern style and classic oversized flat top design. The Conklin All American, suited to those who enjoy a slightly heftier pen and featuring a comfortable cigar shaped barrel.
The Conklin Mark Twain Crescent Filler featuring the iconic Crescent filler system from years gone by. The brand new Conklin Duraflex featuring Conklin’s new revolution in nibs, the Omniflex, which allows beautiful sweeping strokes and tapers.


    Established in 1898, the founder of the Conklin Pen Company Roy Conklin is now regarded as one of the most momentous and innovative creators of American writing instruments from the golden age of fountain pens. Hailing from Toledo in Ohio Roy Conklin patented the first automatic fountain pen filling mechanism and produced the world’s first practical self filling fountain pen, named the crescent filler. Soon a success throughout the world this genius idea made fountain pens more practical
    for use by the general public. Famous endorsers of their pens, like Mark Twain, further propelled the Conklin Company forward.

    This changed somewhat at the dawn of the great depression as Conklin, along with many other companies, were suffering a decline in sales. This lead them to create a new range of pens, named the All American, which still satisfied a demand for superior quality writing instruments but and an affordable price.

    The last important Conklin model was the Nozac which was released in 1931 and equipped with piston filler.

    In 1948 unfortunately the Conklin Pen Company ceased trading but it has now been brought back to life by YAFA who, since 2000, have been rebuilding this iconic brand. Today the pen range consists of replicas of the quintessential models of Conklin’s golden years.