The Ultimate Gel Pen Guide

What is a Gel Pen?

Gel pens are most unique because of their highly viscous, quick-drying gel ink that provides a consistent, thick and vivid writing flow that forms bold, rich lines. Given their smooth, water-based gel, gel pens are easier to write with for longer periods of time, ideal for anyone who has experienced pain when writing with other pens. Perfect for everyday note-taking, card writing and illustration, gel ink imprint solid colour on paper, available in a wide variety of bright colours including glitter, pastel and metallic inks.


What makes a gel pen unique?

Like ballpoint and rollerball pens, gel pens have a small, revolving ball at their tip that dispenses ink, producing a consistent ink flow as you write. However, gel pens utilise gel-based ink that essentially adheres to any surface. 

The lines created by a gel pen are generally wider than a ballpoint, but finer than a rollerball - the perfect intermediary of line flow. Given their gel-based nature, ink is readily available with very little pressure needed. 

Many gel inks are water-resistant, personalised in several colours from bright yellow to maroon brown. The variety of gel ink colour distinguishes gel pens apart from any other utensil, few pens have such freedom when it comes to a vast amount of ink colours.

What’s the difference between a rollerball, ballpoint and gel pen?

Ballpoint pens are known for their precision and convenience with oil-based ink. Rollerball pens are sleek and convenient utilising water-based ink. Gel pens are consistent and vivid with gel-based ink.

Limitations of gel:

While gel pens are fluid and personalised - great for colour-coordinating your writing, they do have a few limitations. On rare occasions, gel pens may skip paper when little pressure is applied. Gel pens also have longer drying times, so they may smudge when writing without periodic breaks. Given their highly viscous ink, there’s a chance that you may run out of ink much quicker than any other pen type.

Types of gel pens:

- Paper Mate InkJoy

- Legami Erasable

- Paper Mate Silkwriter

- Sakura Gelly Roll

- Paper Mate Erasable

- Royal Gel

- Kensington Gel

Discover the rainbow with our extensive collection of varied and colourful gel pens from leading brands like Paper Mate, Legami, Sakura etc. Executive Pens Direct have the best gel pens on the online market to satisfy your coloured pen needs.

​Many more gel pen collections are available from our store, including our incredible Parker Jotter bundle set that includes a Parker Chrome gel pen. If you’re looking to colour-code your writing, the Sakura Gelly Roll: Metallic 12 gel pen set is a perfect package, especially for students and working professionals.

How do I choose the right gel pen?

Among our ample range of quality, multi-purpose gel pens to choose between, there are many factors to consider to suit your specific utensil needs, whether that be size, weight, colour, material, comfort, ink etc. Finding the right gel pen is a completely personal experience, below is a collection of gel pens that are top sellers on our market.

Paper Mate InkJoy

Paper Mate InkJoy Gel.jpg

The Paper Mate InkJoy gel pen spreads joy in a range of bright vivid colours with a unique, quick-drying ink. This assorted Paper Mate InkJoy features a smooth-flowing ink that dries three times faster than any other gel pen. Suitable for left-handed writers, InkJoy has a translucent, colour-tinted body with viewable ink, available in multiple colours.

Legami Erasable

Legami Erasable Gel_edited.jpg

Erase the fear of making mistakes with the Shark Legami Erasable gel pen. Utilising its back heat-sensitive ink, you can erase any mistakes by simply rubbing them with the plastic sphere set at the end of the pen. This attractive pen is perfect for all kinds of uses, at school, in the office and during leisure time, available in a range of different animal designs and colours.

Paper Mate Silkwriter

Silkwriter Gel.jpg

The Paper Mate Silkwriter gel pen writes with precision, utilising a gel-based ink that dries very quickly, preventing messy smudges. The Silkwriter is great for academics and general note-taking, available in a variety of bright colours and inks.

Sakura Gelly Roll

Sakura Gelly Roll Gel.jpg
The 3D gel pen range from Sakura's Gelly Roll collection has continued to master gel ink technology offering a variety of colours, opaqueness and special effects. The Sakura Gelly Roll collection does not smear or bleed on paper, thanks to the unique gel ink technology, the ink flow from the pen is always constant, without exerting any pressure. Available in a variation of 9 soft pastels and white colours.

How do I refill my gel pen?

Fantastic for their vibrant colours and many visual effects, you’ll be periodically refilling your gel pen with different gel ink cartridges. To do so, hold the gel pen horizontally, unscrew the body from the holding section, remove the plastic cap from the refill. Insert the refill into the holding section and push through so you can see the tip. Screw the body back to the holding section - you can now return to your writing with a refilled gel pen.

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