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Waterman Blue Obsession Pens

Waterman’s newest collection is the Blue Obsession range. By taking some of their most popular models such as the Hemisphere, the Carene and the Expert, Waterman have given them a new look with a deep blue finish. The colour blue inspires peace and tranquility and promotes a feeling of freedom, giving the writer the freedom to express themselves in their work.

The colour blue has been iconic to the Waterman brand as early as the 1940’s when the first blue ink bottle was released. Today they have adapted and incorporated this into their new designs and given their quality pens a fresh and modern look that also includes a nod to their heritage and history.

These exclusive Waterman pens will make great gifts to somebody who loves to write or someone who would appreciate a unique Waterman pen. The Blue Obsession range includes Waterman fountain pens, rollerball pens and ballpoint pens to cater to everyone's favourite kind of pen and allow these Waterman pens to be used as brilliant gifts for all occasions.

Waterman Blue Obsession

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