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Visconti Opera Metal

Visconti Opera Metal Pens

Introducing an iconic new style pen from Visconti, the Opera Metal collection, designed with the combination of a square and circle in mind which results in the perfect ergomically shaped pen.

The unique squaring of the circle design symbolizes the two laws which created and which preserve the universe: movement and stability.

This exclusive Opera design, an iconic look from Visconti since 2003, is available as a rollerball or fountain pen with Visconti's patented hook safe lock system in aluminium.

Made from anodized coloured avional, this Opera Metal collection is available in four sleek finishes. Monza - a black design highlighted with cool red trim, Roadster - black with a yellow trim, Silver Shadow - silver with graphite trim and Speedboat - silver with vibrant blue trim.

These pens come equipped with Visconti's intelligent SmarTouch Tubular Nib which allows the user to refill his pen without having to dip the entire nip section ink the ink. This results in a cleaner, more efficient refill and the nibs unique design and air hole also ensures the nib will stay wet for longer without drying out.

This innovative new take on Visconti's Opera pen is perfect for everyday writing yet still stylish and eye-catching enough to sit pride of place on your writer's desk.

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