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Dreamtouch Nib


Dreamtouch Nib

Visconti introduces the first ever produced DREAMTOUCH nib in 23 ct 950 Palladium .

The international classification system lists only four precious metals and their related percentages of content: platinum, palladium, gold and silver. According to these precious metals Visconti has been producing 18 ct gold nibs and 14 ct gold nibs on a regular basis and some years ago also produced a Platinum 800 nib.

The advantages and disadvantages of gold nibs are well-known, while platinum nibs have proved to be excessively stiff. Although it is a precious metal in itself, silver is not suitable to fountain pen nibs manufacturing due to the strong corrosive power of ink on silver.

Palladium however has very interesting physical features for the fountain pen nibs production due to its strength and resistance to corrosion and for these reasons, unlike gold, it can be used almost pure.

Palladium melts at much higher temperatures than gold – 1522°C against only 1063°C – hence it is obvious that any manufacturing process is more difficult and more expensive by using palladium. Being more resistant than gold it has also better mechanical features, but it is at the same time more expensive. Nowadays manufacturing palladium nibs is possible thanks to new metal fusion technologies and to the welding of iridium points.

Dreamtouch is the term Visconti registered to define a soft nib that requires no pressure whatsoever in order to put thoughts and words on paper in a gentle and smooth way for a dream handwriting.

Main features:

  • Value: the 23 ct 950/1000 palladium nib is the nib with the highest content of palladium ever manufactured in the fountain pen history. In other words, it contains 95% of pure palladium against the 75% of pure gold in the 18 ct nib and the 58% of gold in the 14 ct nib.
  • Flexibility and Memory: best possible for any type of writing, enhanced of 30% compared to the same nib in 18 ct gold.
  • Writing comfort and reliability are guaranteed.
  • Resistance to ink corrosion: improved up to 100% thanks to the pureness of the material to an extent to which no protection treatment or plating is needed.
  • Originality: the palladium nib will make your Visconti even more exclusive, either as a collection piece or as a daily use instrument.

Nib Broadness Ranges:

  • XXF (extra extra fine)
  • XF (extra fine)
  • F (fine)
  • M (medium)
  • B (broad)
  • BB (double broad)
  • S (stub)
  • OM (oblique medium)
  • OF (oblique fine)
  • OB (oblique broad)
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