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Our 2015 Halloween Competition Winners and their Entries

Thanks to everyone for getting involved in our competition, here are the entries of our four runners-up and our final winner.

Here in the office we looked at the blog and Facebook comments, picked our favourite five captions and then put these five entries into a hat to get our overall winner. We loved reading your entries and couldn't believe all of the captions we had so thanks for your wonderful participation, we hope you enjoy the finalists entries as much as we did!

Our runners up

"This is not quite what the owner had in mind when asking the dogs to 'play dead'." – Lynne Norris on the Blog

"You should see what they did to the cat!" – Leanne West on Facebook

"Ok! I agree, its a good way to get treats, but anyone thought of how we knock on the door!" – John Russell on Facebook

"Dog on the far left- Wait wait i can't see i've gone blind. Dog on the far right- SIGH- There's always one!!!" – Stewart Millar on Facebook

The Winner of the Fisher Space Bullet pen...

Fisher Space Bullet"Howl we doing lads? If you can lift your bucket you haven't got enough! we are going for dragging it on the floor heavy! Now make with the puppy dog eyes and get begging!" – Eve Trelfa on the Blog.

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