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Say Hello To Robert Oster Signature Inks, All The Way From Australia

We are always on the lookout for new products to add to our site and after looking to increase the range of inks we have on offer, we are thrilled to announce that we are now a stockist of Robert Oster Signature Inks.

Robert Oster has a HUGE range of inks on offer and they are all produced and handmade in Australia by Rob and his team, with the contents and packaging both being nature friendly.

In the standard Signature Ink range you can find over 72(!) different colours in our shop and they are all inspired by the idyllic Coonawarra region of Australia, an area mostly known for its wine production.

We did a few swatches with a variety of colours and found the inks to be very vibrant and they flowed through the pen very easily. These standard colours are suitable for all fountain pens so great for those who worry about using new inks in their favourite or most treasured pens.

Robert Oster Signature InkRobert Oster Signature InksRobert Oster Signature InksRobert Oster Signature Inks

Some of Robert Oster's inks actually hide a little secret which can only be seen when used on particular types of paper. One of these inks is the very popular Fire & Ice which you can see below. This ink is a turquoise shade but shows with metallic maroon tints on certain paper types.

Rober Oster Fire and Ice Ink

For those with dip pens or broad, stub or flex nib fountain pens, Rob also has some shimmering inks in his Shake'N'Shimmy ink collection. He recommends NOT using this in any expensive, vintage or treasured fountain pens and we would suggest only using them in pens that can be easily flushed and have a broad or larger nib. These would be perfect for using with dip pens for some gorgeously, glittery calligraphy.

Robert Oster Shimmer Ink

Rose Gilt Tynte is the newest ink to the range and we are currently the only UK stockist so get it quick! This is also the only 'Rose Gold' inspired ink on the market at the moment and it looks like it would be wonderful to use with its highlights of gold, silver and pink.

The Barossa 2 Pack contains two 15ml bottles with both colours inspired by the grapes used to make the wine in the famous Coonawarra region of Australia. Schwarz Rose is also a 15ml bottle and it is a greyish ink with pink glitter tints.

You can shop the whole Robert Oster Signature Inks range here.

Thanks for reading!


The Executive Pens Direct Team

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