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Spotlight on: Lamy Pens

Lamy pens have a reputation today as fine writing instruments, from their popular Lamy fountain pen range to the lesser known rollerball and ballpoint pens.

lamybannerLamy was founded in 1930 by Josef Lamy, who had worked for an American writing instruments manufacturer. The company was formed in Heidelberg, Germany and was initially called Orthos Füllfederhalter-Fabrik.

During the was the company had to take on armaments work for the war effort, but still managed to produce 200,000 ORTHOS and ARTUS fountain pens. After the war Josef Lamy changed the name of the company to C. Josef Lamy GmbH to appeal to a wider audience as the German economy suffered post-war.

Lamy's breakthrough came in 1952 with the Lamy 27, which boasted a 'tintomatik' system that ensured a smooth ink flow. This Lamy fountain pen was what put the company on the map and made the industry take note of their achievements.

As well as achieving recognition for their fountain pen, Lamy also produced the Lamyexact ballpoint pen, which was Germany's first ballpoint pen with a stainless steel cap and large capacity ink refill. The Lamyexact's success became a major player in the success and marketability of the company.

In 1966 a partnership with a former B-Braun designer created the Lamy 2000 which challenged the conventional idea of a ballpoint pen. The 2000 incorporated more stainless steel into the design and with technical innovations like the spring clip it was the foundation of the distinctive Lamy Design that their pens are known for today.

In 1980 the first Lamy Safari fountain pen was created, targeting schoolchildren aged between 10-15. The Lamy Safari was made from olive green ABS plastic and was extremely popular amongst the students, creating the foundation for the huge success of the Lamy Safari range.

Lamy pen set

In 1987 Lamy continued to innovate for school aged children, creating the Lamyabc which was designed to meet the needs of children learning to write. This Lamy pen was a collaboration with teachers and professors to help make the process of learning to write more enjoyable.

In 1994 Lamy's profits reached the 100million German Marks goal for the first time, proving to the world that use of ecological materials can be the foundation for a successful business. In 1996 Lamy launched a protracted, targeted marketing campaign across Europe to establish themselves in key markets and secure their future.

2001 saw the introduction of the Lamy Pico, which was created with flexibility in mind and to be carried around in your pocket. Measuring just 9cm, it used a refined lift mechanism to transform into a full sized writing instrument and was innovative enough to bag Lamy the Design Award of the Federal Republic of Germany - the highest design accolade in the country.

2005 brought the introduction of the Lamy Studio, a full range of pens that was born from the success of the Lamy Scribble in 2000 amongst designers and creative workers. The Lamy Studio quickly became popular with designers again with it's full range offering a Lamy pen for all industries.

             Brushed Steel    Lamy Platinum    Lamy Black

Lamy pens continue to be a driving force in the creative industry, regularly winning design awards and being commended on their commitment to economically viable products. When you buy one of their pens you can be sure that all of Lamy's experience and design knowledge will come along with it.

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