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The History of the Platignum Pen

The Platignum Pen Company have been revolutionising writing since the early 1900's, here is brief history of the Platignum Pen and their long standing rise to success.

1919 The Platignum Pen Company revolutionises the world of pens with the self-filling, gold plated nib fountain pen, the first of it's kind.
Platignum Fountain Pen

Platignum Fountain Pen
1925 The Platignum Pen Company creates the worlds first replacement nibs.

1939-1945 Platignum goes a way to supporting the war effort after being commissioned by the MOD to create spy pens which could be use to conceal compasses and maps.
Platignum Spy Pens

Platignum Ballpoint Pen
1950 With another inspirational breakthrough in pen history the Platignum Pen Company invents the first retractable ballpoint pen.

1965-1998 Platignum Pens introduce ink cartridges to the UK and for over 30 years they becomes synonymous with education.
Platignum Ink Cartridges

Platignum Calligraphy Pen
1992-2005 Platignum produces a collection of calligraphy sets to add to it's extensive pen range.

2007 The Platignum Pen Company new signature style is released.
Platignum Ink Cartridges
platignum studio

2013 Out with the old and in with Platignum's newest designs. More colour and a fresh new look. Check out the Platignum Studio Ballpoint Pens and the Platignum Voyager Pens
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