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Should I write a Journal?

In today’s busy life the idea of writing a journal may sound like something your great grandmother did. Tapping on a mobile device is the way we do things!

But stop and consider, there are numerous reasons why keeping a journal is a fabulous idea. Your journal can be a few sheets of paper stapled together or a beautifully bound leather journals that you will keep for years. Choose something that appeals to you and make sure it is always close by.

You can write in your journal at a set time or as the mood takes you. Joy, pain, hope, ideas, poetry, notes, feelings, future plans, complaints and to-do lists can all be recorded in this special place.

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Get yourself a classy and stylish pen, it makes the experience far more valuable and meaningful. Choose a slim and sleek designer ballpoint, a fabulous smooth rollerball, a thick and chunky fountain pen. Each offers a unique touch. Select the one of our quality pens that suits your style.

Don't be shy, no one else will see your journal unless you choose to allow it. It is your personal and private story.

If you are still sceptical, consider some of the benefits a journal has to offer.

-Get clarity of mind, stop all those conflicts from running around in your head. Put down the pros and cons and then work your way through them in a logical manner.

-You will find that making a list of everything you need to do gives you focus. Divide your list into immediate, short term and long term projects. Add some wonderful 'wish list' projects too, so that they are not forgotten in the day to day rush.

-Convert your To-Do Lists into Done Lists. Nothing gives more satisfaction than looking back and seeing how far you have come.

-Take out your stress on your journal, it won't yell back or walk out the door in a huff never to return. You will become a calmer and more relaxed person.

-Save away interesting clips that you read about or hear. Something on the radio, the internet, a class you took or a book you want to read. Keep a note so you can follow up on these things on a rainy day.

-Write about your mistakes and achievements. Remind yourself when you read your journal about what you did that got you to where you are today, it wasn't by chance!

-Be creative. Doodle and draw, write poetry, create delicious recipes, write down inspiring quotes, do maths, create crossword puzzles. Whatever keeps your mind active can be done in your journal.

-Write down what you enjoy and don't enjoy about the people in your life. Sometimes a 'friend' is a negative influence, only dragging you down and offering nothing positive. Make decisions to move forward based on these clear thoughts.

-Keep a record of your children's progress and milestones in their lives. They will appreciate reading this when they are grown up.

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Some of these ideas may appeal to you and others not. There are many more that will come to mind once you start. A journal is a personal journey of discovery and growth. It is never too late to start!

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