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How to Restart a Ballpoint Pen

How to Restart a Ballpoint Pen

How to Restart a Ballpoint PenHow do you restart a Ballpoint Pen? 

We have all been there.  When you need a pen but the only one you can find has been sitting in the drawer for too long and has dried up.  Well this is not the end of its life.  Many of our customers ask us this question, so we have created a list of ideas which we have come up with to help bring that stubborn ballpoint pen back to life.  Check out our top tips to restart your ballpoint pen below, if you have any more ideas feel free to Email Us and we can add them to our list.

The aim is to get the ballpoint in the end rolling again after the ink has dried and clogged the end.

  1. Scribble in large circles on a piece of scrap paper vigorously with pressure while holding the pen vertically upright. The position of the pen combined with the friction on the paper is usually enough to coax the ink out.(Top Tip: Fold a piece of paper a few times to get a thicker surface with more friction)
  2. Shake the pen like you would a thermometer, i.e hold the back of the pen and flick the tip. Air bubbles can sometimes become trapped in the ink cylinder so shaking the ink towards the end should force the ink towards the tip.
  3. Roll the pen over a rubber surface like the sole of your shoe or an eraser as the friction can get ball moving again. (Top Tip: If you don’t have an eraser or rubber shoe then a roll of sellotape works just as well).
  4. Run the tip under warm water as the heat will loosen the dried ink and also lubricate the ball allowing it to move more freely.
  5. Finally if all else fails try writing on a damp rag with some force as this should also get the ball moving again. (Top Tip: Make sure the rag isn’t sentimental as it will end up with ink marks when you do bring the pen back to life).

Remember a ballpoint pen can last a long time and even and old timer can be brought back to life with a little bit in ingenuity and care!


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