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What is the difference between rollerball pens and ballpoint pens?

Pens are seen as a classy gift to give to an executive, corporate colleague or just to a pen enthusiast. There are a large selection of personalised parker pens available at Executive Pens Direct but there are several differences between the particular types to consider before purchasing one.

The ink in a ballpoint parker pen is a thick oil-based ink that dries rather quicker than the rollerballs water based liquid ink, similar to a fountain pen. The rollerball is not recommended if using to write on thin paper such as in a journal or notepad as it has the tendency to bleed.

The rollerballs liquid ink leads to a smoother feel than the ballpoint meaning that there is less pressure that needs to be applied when writing. Due to their ease to write with, rollerball pens are a good gift to consider if the giftee has carpal tunnel syndrome or arthritic hands and is considered one of the most comfortable pens to write with.

Aesthetics and function is another aspect that differs between ballpoint and rollerball pens. It is usually the case that a ballpoint has a click or twist action, whereas a rollerball requires a removable cap to prevent the wet ink of the rollerball to dry out. This tends to give the rollerball a more sophisticated look.


As can be seen above, the ballpoint ink is oil based and therefore less likely to dry out meaning it can have the modern click and push button mechanisms, in comparison to the rollerball which always has a lid to avoid drying. A ballpoint is seen as a good “everyday” pen yet can still hold the same prestige that all parker pens hold. Indeed the iconic parker jotter comes in many different designs, all with the ballpoint pen.

Both styles of pens come with their pros and cons, like all things in the world. Deciding which out of the two is more superior would be difficult to say the least. When it comes to pens you want reliable, hard working, efficient and elegant. Both styles of pens come with all of these qualities and so the decision is ever harder. The parker ballpoint pen is famous in this industry, with it’s parker refills being used across many different brands due to it’s high quality. Whereas the rollerball tries and succeeds to outperform other pens. Without question, both these pens live up to the luxury of the brands that make them.


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