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  • Spotlight on: Lamy Pens

    Lamy pens have a reputation today as fine writing instruments, from their popular Lamy fountain pen range to the lesser known rollerball and ballpoint pens.

    lamybannerLamy was founded in 1930 by Josef Lamy, who had worked for an American writing instruments manufacturer. The company was formed in Heidelberg, Germany and was initially called Orthos Füllfederhalter-Fabrik.

    During the was the company had to take on armaments work for the war effort, but still managed to produce 200,000 ORTHOS and ARTUS fountain pens. After the war Josef Lamy changed the name of the company to C. Josef Lamy GmbH to appeal to a wider audience as the German economy suffered post-war.

    Lamy's breakthrough came in 1952 with the Lamy 27, which boasted a 'tintomatik' system that ensured a smooth ink flow. This Lamy fountain pen was what put the company on the map and made the industry take note of their achievements.

    As well as achieving recognition for their fountain pen, Lamy also produced the Lamyexact ballpoint pen, which was Germany's first ballpoint pen with a stainless steel cap and large capacity ink refill. The Lamyexact's success became a major player in the success and marketability of the company.

    In 1966 a partnership with a former B-Braun designer created the Lamy 2000 which challenged the conventional idea of a ballpoint pen. The 2000 incorporated more stainless steel into the design and with technical innovations like the spring clip it was the foundation of the distinctive Lamy Design that their pens are known for today.

    In 1980 the first Lamy Safari fountain pen was created, targeting schoolchildren aged between 10-15. The Lamy Safari was made from olive green ABS plastic and was extremely popular amongst the students, creating the foundation for the huge success of the Lamy Safari range.

    Lamy pen set

    In 1987 Lamy continued to innovate for school aged children, creating the Lamyabc which was designed to meet the needs of children learning to write. This Lamy pen was a collaboration with teachers and professors to help make the process of learning to write more enjoyable.

    In 1994 Lamy's profits reached the 100million German Marks goal for the first time, proving to the world that use of ecological materials can be the foundation for a successful business. In 1996 Lamy launched a protracted, targeted marketing campaign across Europe to establish themselves in key markets and secure their future.

    2001 saw the introduction of the Lamy Pico, which was created with flexibility in mind and to be carried around in your pocket. Measuring just 9cm, it used a refined lift mechanism to transform into a full sized writing instrument and was innovative enough to bag Lamy the Design Award of the Federal Republic of Germany - the highest design accolade in the country.

    2005 brought the introduction of the Lamy Studio, a full range of pens that was born from the success of the Lamy Scribble in 2000 amongst designers and creative workers. The Lamy Studio quickly became popular with designers again with it's full range offering a Lamy pen for all industries.

                 Brushed Steel    Lamy Platinum    Lamy Black

    Lamy pens continue to be a driving force in the creative industry, regularly winning design awards and being commended on their commitment to economically viable products. When you buy one of their pens you can be sure that all of Lamy's experience and design knowledge will come along with it.

    See our range of Lamy pens in our online store including the Safari and Studio ranges.

  • Should I write a Journal?

    In today’s busy life the idea of writing a journal may sound like something your great grandmother did. Tapping on a mobile device is the way we do things!

    But stop and consider, there are numerous reasons why keeping a journal is a fabulous idea. Your journal can be a few sheets of paper stapled together or a beautifully bound leather journals that you will keep for years. Choose something that appeals to you and make sure it is always close by.

    You can write in your journal at a set time or as the mood takes you. Joy, pain, hope, ideas, poetry, notes, feelings, future plans, complaints and to-do lists can all be recorded in this special place.

    Amalifi Leather Journal

    Get yourself a classy and stylish pen, it makes the experience far more valuable and meaningful. Choose a slim and sleek designer ballpoint, a fabulous smooth rollerball, a thick and chunky fountain pen. Each offers a unique touch. Select the one of our quality pens that suits your style.

    Don't be shy, no one else will see your journal unless you choose to allow it. It is your personal and private story.

    If you are still sceptical, consider some of the benefits a journal has to offer.

    -Get clarity of mind, stop all those conflicts from running around in your head. Put down the pros and cons and then work your way through them in a logical manner.

    -You will find that making a list of everything you need to do gives you focus. Divide your list into immediate, short term and long term projects. Add some wonderful 'wish list' projects too, so that they are not forgotten in the day to day rush.

    -Convert your To-Do Lists into Done Lists. Nothing gives more satisfaction than looking back and seeing how far you have come.

    -Take out your stress on your journal, it won't yell back or walk out the door in a huff never to return. You will become a calmer and more relaxed person.

    -Save away interesting clips that you read about or hear. Something on the radio, the internet, a class you took or a book you want to read. Keep a note so you can follow up on these things on a rainy day.

    -Write about your mistakes and achievements. Remind yourself when you read your journal about what you did that got you to where you are today, it wasn't by chance!

    -Be creative. Doodle and draw, write poetry, create delicious recipes, write down inspiring quotes, do maths, create crossword puzzles. Whatever keeps your mind active can be done in your journal.

    -Write down what you enjoy and don't enjoy about the people in your life. Sometimes a 'friend' is a negative influence, only dragging you down and offering nothing positive. Make decisions to move forward based on these clear thoughts.

    -Keep a record of your children's progress and milestones in their lives. They will appreciate reading this when they are grown up.

    Chianti Leather Journal

    Some of these ideas may appeal to you and others not. There are many more that will come to mind once you start. A journal is a personal journey of discovery and growth. It is never too late to start!

    For a stunning range of pens to use for writing in your leather journals, take a peek here

  • Monteverde Pen Case for 36 Pens - A collectors dream

    Store your pen collection in a stunning Monteverde 36 Slot Pen Case!

    Monteverde 36 Pen Case

    Do you have an exclusive collection of pens? You love different sizes, bright colours, dark colours. You have a range of nib thicknesses and designs ranging from traditional to way out and funky. So Yes, you have a fabulous array!

    Are these quality pens all scattered at random around your desk, propped up in horrid old plastic containers or dumped into drawers? Some could be in your briefcase, others in your laptop case and a few in your gym bag. And don't forget the fountain pen that you cleaned last night is still lying in the kitchen sink.

    Now is the time to take stock and give your exclusive pens the TLC that they deserve.

    We offer this stunning Monteverde 36 Slot Pen Case as a perfect solution to your pen woes. It is designed to hold 36 pens in perfect comfort. Keep it on your writing desk and have all your pens in one place sorted and ordered to perfection.

    The Monteverde Pen Case is also lightweight and portable so your collection can accompany you where ever you go. Business or pleasure trips, you always need your pens close at hand.

    Monteverde 36 Pen Case

    One of our premium pen cases, the case features a smooth and elegant black outer cover crafted from a nylon fabric. The spine is padded with a leather look-alike trim in a lovely soft tan colour. A matching trim adorns the centre front offering a soft hand hold where you will open the case. Stylish neat rows of stitching add a classy finishing touch around the edges of the case and in a matching design around the trims.

    Open up the case and feel the soft luxurious black velour interior. When open, the case lies flat and reveals two sides compartments. Each one  offers two rows of single loop elastic bands waiting to hold your pens. Each row offers nine loops, giving you place for 36 pens in total.

    Monteverde 36 Pen Case

    The loops will hold slim pens like our stylish Monteverde Intima Neon Pink Fountain Pen and really thick chunky pens like our Monteverde Invincia Carbon Fibre & Rose Gold Ballpoint Pen

    The pens slip neatly into the bands and lie nestled on the soft interior. They won't touch, move around or scratch against one another. To add even more protection to your collection, a sturdy centre partition separates the two sides. The case closes securely and easily with a zipper that runs across the bottom, up the side and over the top. You can now feel perfectly content that all your special writing instruments are ready and waiting for you in one safe place.


    Unrivalled style and quality make this Monteverde 36 Pen Case a great gift for someone special or for yourself!





  • DC Comic Montegrappa Pens

    Montegrappa pens are known for their high quality as well as providing limited edition products, and their DC Comic range is the latest addition to their list of quality pens.

    Montegrappa DC Comics

    Everyone knows the DC characters that have been chosen to be a part of this selection of Montegrappa pens, including Batman and Superman as well as other favourites.

    Guiseppe Aquila, Montegrappa CEO, is a big fan of DC comics and wanted to create a limited edition range of pens commemorating the most popular characters in pen-form.

    The heroes on these Montegrappa pens are Batman, Superman, Green Lantern, Cat Woman and Wonder Women. There are also three Batman villains in the range: the Joker, the Penguin and the Riddler.

    Each pen has it's own unique design and a colour scheme that fits in with the image of the hero or villain. The Batman pen has a black lacquer barrel with an image of the Dark Knight on the pocket clip, along with the golden logo on the top of the cap.

    DC Comic Pens

    Wonder Woman has a red lacquer barrel whilst the cap is white starred on a blue background to match the colours of the American flag. It also has an impression of the heroine on the pocket clip.

    The villain's pens are where some of the best design is featured, with the Penguin's pen black lacquer with white pinstripes, sporting an impression of the Penguin brandishing his umbrella on the pocket clip.

    The Riddler's pen is green lacquer with black question mark detail all over the barrel and cap, featuring a golden question mark as a pocket clip with an impression of the riddle-man himself.

    With Montegrappa pens you can be sure that you will be receiving a high quality product that is made to the high specifications that Montegrappa as a brand has become well known for.

    These pens would make a great gift for a special occasion for any comic fan or a fan of the superhero genre.

    Montegrappa DC Comics

  • Montegrappa Pens and Their History

    Founded in the prosperous North-Eastern area of Italy in 1912, Montegrappa was Italy's first pen manufacturer.

    Their factory sits on the banks of the river Brenta in the town of Bassano del Grappa, where the company first began trading under the name of ELMO: a 'Manifattura pennini d’oro e penne stilografiche' - a manufacturer of gold nibs and fountain pens.

    In the First World War Bassano was a key position of the Southern Front, as a result seeing much fighting and conflict. One benefit of this was that there were many war correspondents and writers in the area who would use ELMO pens to write home or write reports. Ernest Hemingway was working as a volunteer ambulance driver on the front and sent many of his communiqués with writing equipment produced by ELMO in Bassano.

    Throughout the next few years Montegrappa pens came to be recognised as leaders in fountain pen design and style. They were the first company to use celluloid and galaith in their pens and their craftsmen were able to produce original and technical solutions to the manufacturing designs, elevating Montegrappa pens to the prestigious level they still maintain today.

    Montegrappa's pens have their own place in history, with many world leaders and figures known to use them. Benito Mussolini is just one famous Italian known for his use of pens from Montegrappa, along with Russian President Boris Yeltsin who symbolically passed his Dragon pen to current President Vladimir Putin to transfer power to him. In more modern times there have been many celebrities who use Montegrappa pens, from Royalty such as Pope John Paul II to Al Pacino and Bill Cosby, putting you in a very special club if you use one too. Sylvester Stallone likes the brand so much that he is now a shareholder and a Director of the company!

    To celebrate it's first century, Montegrappa released a range of pens to celebrate events and iconic figures that were present during these times. Montegrappa pens ion this range include tributes to Muhammad Ali and Bruce Lee to name but a few.

    Montegrappa continue to release limited edition Montegrappa pens and new ranges of all kinds of pens including fountain pens and rollerball pens. They even have a range celebrating DC comic characters including Superman, Batman and Wonderwoman.

  • Van Gogh's Birthday - A look back at the Visconti Van Gogh range

    In the run up to the anniversary of famed painter Vincent Van Gogh's birthday, the 30th March 1853, we thought we would take a look at some of his best known works and how these have inspired the master craftsmen and Visconti Pens to create a beautiful collection of writing tools. Visconti have singled out some of Van Gogh's Masterpieces and created some stunning pen collection to match the cacophony of colours and shades seen in the painters own work.

    One of the most iconic pieces has to be Van Gogh's Sunflowers. He has created many versions of the beautiful flowers but the one that stands out is the yellow hued version depicted below which was painted in 1888 and now hangs in the National Gallery in London. This painting was considered to be cutting edge at the time as experimentation with the yellow spectrum had only be made possible by recently invented pigments.

    Van Gogh Sunflowers

    Just like the painting, Visconti Italy have created the Van Gogh Sun Flowers Pen collection available in a fountain, ballpoint, rollerball pen and pencil each combing the rich shades and colours of the painting in a delicious natural resin.
    Visconti Van Gogh Sunflowers Pen

    We also have the glorious Van Gogh Starry Night Pen collection which uses the deep blue tones seen in the painting mixed with flecks of greens and reds. Take a look at the Visconti Starry Night Ballpoint Pen, a kaleidoscope of rich colours and sleek chrome trims makes this perfect for writing and art lovers alike.

    Visconti Van Gogh Starry Night Pen

    Van Gogh's Self Portraits are other well recognised pieces of his work. The one used for the inspiration for the Visconti Van Gogh Self Portrait collection is a painting which was created in Saint-Rémy in 1889, the last of Vincent's self portraits before his death in 1890. It depicts the left hand side of the artist in order to hide the mutilated right ear and combines the most beautiful light blue, green and orange tones. A colour pattern which is mirrored in Visconti's Van Gogh creations.

    Visconti Van Gogh Self Portrait Pen

    You can view all of the stunning Van Gogh Pen range from Visconti at Executive Pens Direct - Here.

  • What is the difference between rollerball pens and ballpoint pens?

    Pens are seen as a classy gift to give to an executive, corporate colleague or just to a pen enthusiast. There are a large selection of personalised parker pens available at Executive Pens Direct but there are several differences between the particular types to consider before purchasing one.

    The ink in a ballpoint parker pen is a thick oil-based ink that dries rather quicker than the rollerballs water based liquid ink, similar to a fountain pen. The rollerball is not recommended if using to write on thin paper such as in a journal or notepad as it has the tendency to bleed.

    The rollerballs liquid ink leads to a smoother feel than the ballpoint meaning that there is less pressure that needs to be applied when writing. Due to their ease to write with, rollerball pens are a good gift to consider if the giftee has carpal tunnel syndrome or arthritic hands and is considered one of the most comfortable pens to write with.

    Aesthetics and function is another aspect that differs between ballpoint and rollerball pens. It is usually the case that a ballpoint has a click or twist action, whereas a rollerball requires a removable cap to prevent the wet ink of the rollerball to dry out. This tends to give the rollerball a more sophisticated look.


    As can be seen above, the ballpoint ink is oil based and therefore less likely to dry out meaning it can have the modern click and push button mechanisms, in comparison to the rollerball which always has a lid to avoid drying. A ballpoint is seen as a good “everyday” pen yet can still hold the same prestige that all parker pens hold. Indeed the iconic parker jotter comes in many different designs, all with the ballpoint pen.

    Both styles of pens come with their pros and cons, like all things in the world. Deciding which out of the two is more superior would be difficult to say the least. When it comes to pens you want reliable, hard working, efficient and elegant. Both styles of pens come with all of these qualities and so the decision is ever harder. The parker ballpoint pen is famous in this industry, with it’s parker refills being used across many different brands due to it’s high quality. Whereas the rollerball tries and succeeds to outperform other pens. Without question, both these pens live up to the luxury of the brands that make them.


  • When to Buy Corporate Gifts

    Deciding when to buy corporate gifts can be difficult, and even when you have decided on the occasion, thinking of corporate gift ideas is another headache entirely.


    As well as Christmas, when corporate gifts are common, there is also potential for Easter to be a gifting occasion if you have a client who celebrates Easter. Then there is Eid Mubarak and all the other religious holidays that you can give gifts on if you have a client or employee who celebrates them.

    Having a good rapport with your clients is one way to ensure that you know what they celebrate and what their values are, making it easier to figure out when a corporate gift is appropriate.

    This knowledge will also help you determine if there are any milestones that your client or the company has hit that would be an opportunity for corporate gifts. Perhaps the company has recorded it's highest ever sales figures over the last quarter, or they might have won a particularly big contract. Although giving corporate gifts on these occasions may not benefit your business directly, it will help your business relationship and will ensure you are at the forefront of the client's mind when they may require your services. A good idea for this kind of scenario may be some of the corporate gift ideas in our bar and drink section.


    As well as buying corporate gifts for your external clients and business relationships, you must also remember the staff who are working for you. Giving gifts to your staff, even corporate gifts, will improve morale and make them feel like they are valued, making them more likely to work harder and retain loyalty. Personalised Keyrings, pens with an employee's name on or even a Personalised Paperweight are great ideas for small staff gifts.

    personalised paperweight

    If you have a small team, then you can provide luxury corporate gifts on important occasions like their wedding or if they are expecting a child, you can even mark the standard occasions like birthdays and Christmas. Larger teams may mean that you cannot afford expensive corporate gifts for occasions other than Christmas and perhaps birthdays, but this will still be well received and will show you care.

    As well as occasions in the lives of your employees you can also use corporate gifts to celebrate business achievements with them. If a particular team have performed exceptionally well and surpassed their targets, reward them! By encouraging your employees to do well and creating healthy competition you will drive your business forward and make everyone strive to go above and beyond their targets. Something as simple as an engraved pen with their name on can make a big difference to staff morale and ultimately performance.


    Use luxury corporate gifts to offer rewards that will encourage your employees to work their hardest, poor quality gifts will encourage poor morale as the employees will become disinterested in working for a mediocre prize.

  • Original Crown Mill Paper - For Quality Pens


    Executive Pens Direct are thrilled to announce that we now stock Original Crown Mill paper, one of the most distinguished papers in the world and suppliers or stationary to the Belgian Royal Family.

    The rich history of this paper begins in 1478 when Emperor Maximilian permitted Monks of the La Hulpe Monastery in Belgium to build a mill on the banks of the river Argentine.

    Two Centuries later this humble water mill became Royal Mill for the production of writing paper on the orders of King Charles II. He called the mill the 'Royal Paper Manufactory' and the mill continued to provide quality paper to the King and the Royal courts for many more years.

    In 1870 the founder of Crown Mill - Frederic Pelletier - opened a factory in Brussels for the manufacture of stationary such as envelopes and other writing implements. He began ordering the unique ribbed paper that had the appearance and texture of genuine hand made paper that the monks would have made and called it 'Original Crown Mill' paper.


    The successor of Frederic Pelletier still enjoys being the supplier of stationary to the Royal Court in Belgium and continues to provide the exceptional quality that has led to their title of the most distinguished paper in the world.

    Original Crown Mill paper are so proud of their heritage that all their products are stamped with a unique watermark so you can be confident that you have a genuine product.


    Writing paper of this calibre require quality pens to write upon them, perhaps one of our Lamy fountain pens or even one of our personalised Parker pens. Original Crown Mill paper would make an exceptional gift to go with one of our calligraphy sets, although whoever you are giving it to should be reminded of the paper's history and encouraged to practice calligraphy before putting their pen to this paper!

  • There's Still Time to Get Your Christmas Desk Gift Ideas!

    With Christmas only 8 days away, time is running out to buy the ideal Christmas gift for a colleague or a family member.

    Our selection of desk gift ideas are perfect for the Secret Santa that you have forgotten about, or the family member who you have been stuck for ideas for for a while.


    Desk gifts are perfect to give to both men and women who work in an office, to entertain them whilst at work and make their working day that bit brighter. They allow a worker to create their personal stamp on their environment to make it a more pleasant place to work. Something like a desk clock or desk puzzle to brighten up their work place.


    You can also engrave many of them so they are ideal for giving to family members who will be able to fondly think about you and the gift whilst they slave away at their desk.

    Our range of executive desk accessories are perfect for sending to clients or management to make them feel special and to let them know that you appreciate the work they have done or the partnership you have created.


    At Executive Pens Direct we are able to offer quick delivery on our products to try and get them to you before the big day. We offer first class postage or special delivery to get it to you the quickly - just in the nick of time to pass them on to the clients or members of staff before Christmas.

    For desk gifts that have been engraved you may have to wait between 1 and 3 days before the product is dispatched so we can make sure that the quality of your gift is the best possible.

    Depending on your delivery choices, you will have your item between 1 and 3 days after ordering (3 and 6 days if engraved) excluding weekends and public holidays. This means that if you order one of our desk gadgets or accessories today you can still have it by the weekend if you don't want it engraved! That gives you plenty of time to think on the next problem: wrapping.

    Many people work Christmas Eve and the start of next week will be when many offices do their Secret Santa's or exchange gifts before finishing for the Christmas holiday. There's still time to get the perfect fun desk accessories or executive desk gifts from our amazing selection of desk gift ideas online.

  • Desk Gifts - Perfect Christmas Gifts

    With so many people working in office jobs these days, the need to make your own desk individual and put your personal stamp on it is becoming more and more important.

    Desk gifts are the perfect way to do this. With a thoughtful desk gift you can make someone's working day so much brighter, giving them something to focus their attention on and breaking up their working day.

    There are a great selection of fun desk accessories available, from interactive puzzles to vintage looking hole punchers and cool paperweights, there's no excuse to have a boring desk any more.

    Many of our paperweights are designed to make your personal space a little bit more interesting, with unusual products like an aeroplane paperweight and magnetic desk tidy or a VW Camper Van pen pot and paperweight. All of these paperweights will make great desk gifts for anyone in an office job.

    Many of our paperweights are Troika products, the luxury pen designer creating some amazing office desk gift ideas that will be sure to entertain even the stubbornest of colleagues. We have a great selection of Troika accessories to compliment their range of Troika pens which will make an ideal addition to your gift.

    If you are buying gifts for an executive, then our pen sets are a great desk decoration and will make brilliant desk gifts for any executive. There are a range of styles available including our carbon fibre geometry desk set, which can be engraved to make it an extra special gift.

    Desk gifts don't need to be limited to paperweights though and desk sets though, we have a stunning range of El Casco products who provide high quality vintage-style staplers and hole punchers at a great price. One popular version is our El Casco luxury stapler in black/chrome which makes a wonderful desk gift for anyone who has use for a stapler, allowing them to staple in style with this unique product.

    If time is of the essence, then why not consider a clock as a desk gift? The clocks in our selection of desk gifts are all made to extremely high quality, and we have some unique products to offer. Our world timer clock is very popular and can also be engraved to add an extra special message.

    We also have a fantastic range of letter openers, some of which are also Troika accessories, which will make an excellent addition to any executive's office. Most of these letter openers, and many of our office desk gift ideas, can be engraved to add a message to the gift and make it unique.

  • Fountain Pens - The First Waterman Fountain Pen to Ballpoint Pens.

    The fountain pen is today associated with prestige. It is seen as a more sophisticated pen than the humble ballpoint or rollerball and is often given as a gift to mark a special occasion.

    Before the days of prestigious Lamy fountain pens and engraved fountain pens that are used on special occasions or as gifts, the fountain pen was the everyday writer across all classes.


    The earliest historical reference to a fountain pen comes from the 10th Century, when Al-Mu'izz li-Din Allah - 4th Caliphate of the Fatimid Dynasty that founded Cairo in 969 - demanded a pen that would not stain his hands or clothes. No examples or specifications have survived to this date so it cannot be confirmed if it existed in reality.

    The first example in Europe was in the 17th century, where German inventor Daniel Schwenter produced a design made from two quills. One quill held the ink inside the second quill, utilising cork to hold the ink in place which was squeezed through a small hole to the nib. This design was improved on and Samuel Pepys mentions in his diaries a 'metal pen to carry ink' in 1663.

    In 1828 a cheap, slip-on steel nib was invented by Josiah Mason in Birmingham, England. Mason and colleagues found a way to mass-produce them, causing a boom in the Birmingham pen trade, with over half of the world's pen nibs being made there by the 1850s.

    Progress in developing a reliable fountain pen was slow due to a lack of understanding of how pressure worked and that most inks were of poor quality, often containing sediment that would clog the nib or being highly corrosive which would degrade the cork or stopper.

    It took until the mid-19th century for more progress to be made, with the invention of hard rubber for a stopper, iridium-tipped gold nibs which were much more reliable than their steel counterparts; and free flowing ink which prevented blockages.

    Canadian Duncan MacKinnon created stylographic pens with a hollow nib and wire as a valve in 1875; causing the mass-production of fountain pens to begin and take off in the 1880s. The Waterman fountain pen was one of the first to be mass produced in the United States and they quickly became the market leader, out-performing their competitor Wirt with their higher quality Waterman fountain pen. Waterman remained the market leader until the 1920s.

    waterman fountain pen

    The problem of ink-filling was addressed in the early 20th century, with many inventors and companies coming up with quicker, less-messy ways of refilling the fountain pen. These included Waterman's twist-filler and Parker fountain pens had a button-filler which was seen as more contemporary.

    Throughout the first half of the 20th century, Waterman fountain pens, Parker fountain pens and other popular brands of fountain pen continued to improve their design and quality. Such innovations as cellulite were involved, as this meant that the pens could be created in more colours. Ballpoint pens were in their infancy and were unreliable - just as the fountain pen was at first - but by the 1950s they were beginning to overtake the fountain pen as a casual, everyday pen.

    Fountain pens are still used in many countries today, including India, Germany, France and the UK. Usually they are used in schools or as a status symbol amongst executives, as opposed to a regular everyday writing pen. One of the most extravagant fountain pen manufacturers today are Visconti. Their pens are distinctive in their design and prestige, many of their pens are limited edition collectors pieces, and they continue to push the boundary of innovative design.


  • Corporate Gifts: From a personalised keyring to letter openers

    As well as providing quality pens, we also have a fantastic selection of corporate gifts to choose from for all occasions.

    Giving a corporate gift is a perfect way to thank a company or person for their business or for whatever they have done to assist you. They are also good ways to curry favour amongst businesses to keep your company in the forefront of their minds.

    They are a useful way to ensure that business relations are good to allow you and your business to grow.

    The kind of corporate gift you give depends on the person you are giving it too. We have an excellent selection to choose from that will be perfect whatever gift you are looking for; whether you want leather journals or silver card cases.

    Corporate gifts can be engraved with either the recipient's name or the name of your company. Many choose to put the name of their company on the gifts to make sure that the recipient is reminded of the gesture whenever they use the gift.


    It is always a good idea to make sure that the gift you give is going to be useful to the person you give it to, so they can remember who it was who gave it to them. There is no use giving a money clip to someone who does not use one, as this will just be forgotten and will be a wasted gift.

    If you are giving a corporate gift, making it personal to them is a good way of making sure it is remembered. If they have a particular hobby it is a good idea to make your corporate gift relevant to that. A person who loves their cars may appreciate a steering wheel personalised keyring with their initials on. Someone who is a keen explorer or enjoys outdoor pursuits may appreciate a gift that has weather information on it such as a barometer.

    These are all things that should be considered when choosing a corporate gift to maximise the effect it has on the recipient.

  • Leather Conference Folders: Great Business Tools and Gifts

    Looking the part for your business meeting is an important part of your working schedule, and it could be the difference between winning contracts or being promoted.

    Especially if meeting new clients or the bosses at your own workplace, appearances will be a factor in how you are viewed professionally. Leather conference folders are great ways to give a professional first impression.

    Leather conference folders will make you appear organised and will inspire confidence in whoever you are meeting with that you know what you are doing and have a professional conduct.

    Not only do leather conference folders look professional, they are about the most useful item a business person who has a lot of meetings can own. From a simple binder for making notes in to A4 conference folders with all the bells and whistles like card holders, filofax slots, pen holders, calculators and more, they are super versatile pieces of equipment.


    Zipped conference folders are handy if you have a lot of paperwork to take to meeting, like presentations or business cards to hand out, as the zip will keep them secure. A zipped folder is also handy for transporting sensitive information, even if you accidentally drop the folder in a busy place it won't come open and scatter your information everywhere.


    Why not add to your professional image with an A5 conference folder which can also double as a diary and personal organiser. This is a great idea for scheduling meetings and making sure you have a good grip on your availability.


    Leather conference folders make exceptional gifts for the hard working business person in your life. They make brilliant gifts to give from family and friends if they have just got a new job or a promotion as a way of acknowledging their success. Why not pair them with one of our Parker Pen sets to give a stunning gift that will be well received. You could even have the pen engraved as part of a complete gift package!

    Leather conference folders also make exceptional business gifts. Whether it's from a boss to an employee by means of congratulating them on a new client or for an occasion such as Christmas or a landmark birthday, it is a means of making sure they know that their efforts are noticed and rewarding them accordingly.

  • Limited Edition Parker Jotters & New Pen Sets

    This month Executive Pens Direct have added a few new Parker pens to our website. We are pleased to have the new limited edition Parker Jotters to celebrate the Parker Jotter’s 60th Birthday. In the last 60 years, the Jotter has been one of the most popular selling and iconic refillable pens in the world, selling over 750 million units since 1954. What better way to celebrate this success than to introduce 4 new colours: White, Coral, Pink and Grey-Green.

    Jotter Parker New

    The Parker Jotter has always had colour as a core value, and the 4 new pens are no exception. These attractive new colours symbolize different milestones in the Jotter’s rich history.

    Grey-Green and Coral Jotter
    In 1954, the first Parker ball pen writer is launched in 2 colours; green and red.

    Pink and Whiteness Jotter
    In September 1958, Parker introduced a complete range of feminine-styled pens called Princess and Debutante Jotters. They were designed in pastel pink and beige, giving inspiration to the 60th anniversary limited editions.  Our favorite is the Parker Pink Jotter.

    Parker Jotter

    Limited Edition Pen Sets
    We would also like to introduce 2 new premium Parker pen sets available for a limited time to celebrate Parker’s 125th anniversary. Each pen comes with in a beautiful oversize white and gold gift box with a FREE notebook included.

    Parker Urban Pen Gift Set

    One set includes the beautiful Parker Urban Premium Pearlised Ballpoint Pen, and the other includes the more masculine Parker Sonnet Black Ballpoint pen. Each set would make a superb gift for loved ones or friends.

    Parker Limited Edition Pen Set

    If you like any of these new limited edition pens, check them out. They won’t be around forever.

  • The History of the Platignum Pen

    The Platignum Pen Company have been revolutionising writing since the early 1900's, here is brief history of the Platignum Pen and their long standing rise to success.

    1919 The Platignum Pen Company revolutionises the world of pens with the self-filling, gold plated nib fountain pen, the first of it's kind.
    Platignum Fountain Pen

    Platignum Fountain Pen
    1925 The Platignum Pen Company creates the worlds first replacement nibs.

    1939-1945 Platignum goes a way to supporting the war effort after being commissioned by the MOD to create spy pens which could be use to conceal compasses and maps.
    Platignum Spy Pens

    Platignum Ballpoint Pen
    1950 With another inspirational breakthrough in pen history the Platignum Pen Company invents the first retractable ballpoint pen.

    1965-1998 Platignum Pens introduce ink cartridges to the UK and for over 30 years they becomes synonymous with education.
    Platignum Ink Cartridges

    Platignum Calligraphy Pen
    1992-2005 Platignum produces a collection of calligraphy sets to add to it's extensive pen range.

    2007 The Platignum Pen Company new signature style is released.
    Platignum Ink Cartridges
    platignum studio

    2013 Out with the old and in with Platignum's newest designs. More colour and a fresh new look. Check out the Platignum Studio Ballpoint Pens and the Platignum Voyager Pens
  • The new Troika range - more quality pens!

    We are delighted to announce that we are now stocking the stunning Troika range of quality pens in a variety of styles.

    troika rollerball pens

    Troika was a company that started in 1972, creating gear shifter levers for sports cars and silver cufflinks as gifts for men. It continued in this vein until 1992, when it was moved to Germany after being purchased by Liudger Böll.

    Liudger changed the direction of the company and turned it into a mens gift company that prides itself on it's innovative ideas in the sector. They are now the market leaders in creating innovative and high quality keyrings, with over 10,000 displays worldwide and exporting their products, including their high quality pens, to over 70 different countries.

    Since 2010, Troika has been the sole provider for creating merchandise - such as pens, business card holders and keyrings - for German Airline Lufthansa, who share their passion for quality and innovation and is the biggest airline in Germany.

    The unique and individual design of Troika's quality pens makes them ideal gifts for any event. If you know someone who is a bit of a DIY expert or hobbyist, then try the construction ballpoint pen which is designed with a ruler-style. This pen makes a great gift for the Dad who is impossible to buy for..

    troika construction pen

    Or if you want to buy a gift for a newspaper reporter who someone who enjoys writing, then the 'what's new' pen is perfect, designed in a newspaper print style that will bring a smile to any writer's face.

    troika pens

    Troika's quality pens have many more styles - from music notes to colour splashes, to suit any taste and make a great gift; making them one of the most diversely designed pens on the market.

    We also have a a supply of Troika Fountain Pens. These are available in many different styles or just plain colours to create an elegant product perfect for a gift to others or to yourself.

    Fountain pens are a great status symbol, and writing with a fountain pen gives a completely different writing experience to a ballpoint or rollerball pen. A quality fountain pen is a pleasure to write with, and our range of quality pens from Troika will be the perfect writing tool to provide this experience.


  • Calligraphy - Dust off your calligraphy sets!

    Calligraphy is an art form that has been practised for thousands of years and dates back to Ancient Greece, but is this beautiful form of scribing in danger of becoming extinct in this digital age?

    Calligraphy comes from the Ancient Greek 'Kallos' meaning 'beauty' and 'graphẽ' meaning 'writing', and is the design or structure of lettering in one stroke, usually using a broad-tipped pen or a brush.

    It is a broad art form that can include anything from functional letters written with store-bought calligraphy sets, to works of art that use specialised tools to create beautiful images and works where the letters may not even be legible.


    Western calligraphy appeared in the form of Latin text in the Roman Empire, around 600BC and was widespread throughout the Empire's dominion. When the Empire fell, the writing style remained with each region developing it's own format according to the Monarch that ruled that area at the time.

    This was before the standardisation of language and was a time when two neighbouring regions of the same country could speak completely different and unique languages. This means that many of these preserved written works are illegible, but can be appreciated for their beauty nonetheless. In fact, many of the most popular calligraphy works in the world come from the hands of ancient Monarchs.

    Today, calligraphy is practised by many and is kept alive in the form of wedding invites, other formal invitations and official letters. Calligraphy even appears on birth certificates and death certificates, making it's mark in modern history.

    In the digital era calligraphy sets have been replaced with fonts and typefaces, but calligraphy still maintains a presence here. This can be found in fonts such as Edwardian Script and Kunstler Script.

    Calligraphy as a practical method of communication may be on the decline, but it stands firm as an art form in all areas of the world, being used often in China and the Far East and is still used in works of Islam in the form of Arabic calligraphy.

    So dust of your calligraphy sets and try your hand at this ancient, beautiful art form with Executive Pens Direct's stunning calligraphy sets range; we have everything from ink pots and blotters to wooden and pewter pen sets. For a more authentic letter writing experience, you could also buy a wax seal set to ensure your correspondence arrives unread!

    Calligraphy Sets

  • Ballpoint Pens - Humble beginnings to the Parker Ballpoint

    The ballpoint pen is the most commonly used pen in the world, but what is the story behind it?

    It was originally patented by John J. Loud, a leather tanner who wanted an instrument that would be able to write on his leather products in the way fountain and quill pens simply couldn't. This first ballpoint proved to be perfect for leather, but much too coarse for writing on paper with, and the patent soon lapsed.

    The ballpoint pen as we know it today was patented by a Hungarian newspaper editor, László Bíró (sound familiar?), who was fed up of cleaning ink spills and wasting paper from quills and fountain pens. Biro saw that newspaper ink dried much faster than normal ink, and enlisted his chemist brother to come up with an ink formula suitable for a ballpoint.

    Laszlo Biro

    A patent was filed in Britain in 1938, and Bíró's pens were produced for the RAF throughout World War Two as they were more reliable and less prone to leakage at high altitude.

    In 1941 Bíró, his Brother and a business partner fled Germany to Argentina, where they formed a new company and started selling their Birome pens. In Argentina, pens are still known as Birome to this day, in the same way British people refer to Biros.

    After the war, mechanical pencil maker Eversharp Co licensed the rights from Bíró to sell their pens in America, but at the same time entrepreneur Milton Reynolds brought back some of Bíró's pens, altered the design enough to file for an American patent as a different product and beating Eversharp to the US market.

    The 'Reynolds Rocket' ballpoint pen début was at Grimble's department store in New York City on 29 October 1945. It was a huge success with thousands of pens being sold in the first week and beyond, but due to market saturation and lack of consumer interest, Reynold's company folded in 1950.

    In 1954 Parker Pens released their first Parker ballpoint - 'The Jotter', which has now become a classic, modern pen. The Jotter could boast technological and mechanical advancements on other ballpoint pens - including the tungsten-carbide ball bearings that were used for the first time in any pen. In it's first year the Parker ballpoint Jotter sold millions to become the iconic ballpoint pen.

    vintage parker jotter pens

    In the 1950s, a man called Marcel Bich introduced a ballpoint pen from America that was licensed from Bíró and based on his original Argentine designs. Bich shortened his name to Bic in 1953, the name synonymous with pens that we know today, and originally struggled until launching their famous 'Writes the first time, every time!' campaign in the 60s, when it was finally able to compete against competitors like the Parker ballpoint.


  • We are pleased to introduce our new look website

    It's been a while since our last entry as we have been busy beavering away but at last we are ready to reveal our brand new image and new look website at

    We hope you'll find the new website easier to use and shop for your favourite stationery. We have a host of new features including product filters and price sliders.

    We're so pleased with it we are giving you 10% off your next order of absolutely everything with this discount code - DISCOUNT10


    With so many new products to choose from why not use your discount to get one of the new limited edition 125th anniversary Parker Pens or a stylish addition to your desk with one of our new desk accessories

  • Valentines Day - Give a Personalised Pen

    Valentines Day is a time to celebrate your significant other, whether you are a hopeless romantic who writes poem after poem for your muse, or a hard-headed cynic who doesn't even buy a card.

    It's a time to do something special with the man or women in your life, even if it's just getting a takeaway and watching a film.

    But what to buy for your other half? Traditionally the bouquet of red roses and a box of heart-shaped chocolates was the way to go, but with the huge range of gift ideas available there's really no reason not to think outside the box.

    A personalised pen would be an excellent gift for your special Gent or the wonderful Lady. Everybody uses pens, even if it's just to keep in a bag to make notes when required, so an engraved pen is a thoughtful, elegant gift that will certainly be unique.

    You can choose what to put on the personalised pen, you could add both of your names, the place you first met, a special date or time, the choice is yours and the possibilities are endless.

    We have an excellent range of pen sets that are perfect for the job of pleasing your lover on Valentines Day.

    If your man is a gadget whiz then a Fisher Space pen is a great personalised pen to give. With the ability to write upside down, underwater and on any surface, it's a pen that is a joy to write with. It also gives him no excuse not to use it to write you a love letter!

    A perfect, elegant handbag gift for your Lady is a personalised parker pen. A timeless classic which shows style and class, she will love being able to write with this pen whenever she needs to write a note, and she'll be thinking about you while she does it.

    With a wonderful range of pens for all occasions and all people to suit all budgets, you'll be able to find a brilliant personalised pen for your sweetheart and give them a unique, stylish gift they will be able to treasure.

  • The Modern Pen - Changing what makes quality pens

    The hand-written word is suffering something of a steady decline in recent years. In the digital era it's difficult to find a cause to write anything of any importance down with a good old pen and paper any more.

    Little more than two decades ago, writing a letter to someone involved dedicating time and effort to writing with pen and paper. It wasn't possible to erase words or correct mistakes as easily as it is today with word processing.

    Communication in the 21st Century is very impersonal, to contact someone we now use text messaging as a preferred medium, most of the time using contracted words or slang to save as much time as possible as we go about our business. When we do write letters, they are all formed on digital paper with a range of fonts to choose from, sometimes they may be signed in person but this is a rarity.

    The pen too, is used less and less as a medium of communication, whether it's amongst businesses or personal relationships. The pen has had to adapt to find a place in the world of technology, one example of this is it's evolution into a 'stylus' for smartphones, which keeps the handwriting element of communication alive to a certain extent, but isn't the same as using ink and paper.

    Another example is the digital pen used in many Maternity units of the NHS. This pen keeps a record of what you have written in a patient's notes and stores it on an online database; thus streamlining the note-taking and note-storing process. If rolled out across the NHS as a whole, it could save thousands of staff hours replicating notes and free up more time for patient care.

    It's simply a ball-point pen with a small camera included, which recognises points on the letters and stores a digital version of the note. It is connected to a smartphone via bluetooth which then stores the digital note to be added to the patient's digital file. A perfect example of the pen adapting to the digital age.

    The pen is not done yet, there are many quality pens on the market that serve as multi-purpose tools, for example by adding a USB stick to the end of a pen to make it more practical for this day and age.

    For all the advances in technology and the way we work, there is still a place for the traditional luxury pen. The image of the banking executive with his fancy Mont Blanc pen, the calligrapher scratching away making place names for weddings, even the image of a journalist furiously scribbling shorthand on a pad at a news conference.

    All of these are timeless and are images that will endure along with quality pens, because for all the digital versions of the written word, there is something more organic, personal and romantic about the hand-written word.






  • Pen Engraving

    An engraved pen is a classic, stylish and personal gift perfect for any occasion. Pens with engraved messages or names make meaningful and lasting gestures for family members, business associates and friends. A high quality pen with a bespoke pen engraving is an extremely special keepsake to commemorate any important occasion. Engraved pens can be customised in a variety of different ways making them ideal for any event; with huge choices in the style and design of pens, many assorted fonts and completely personalised messages.

     When choosing any gift quality is key. The Parker Pen Company is the most eminent and distinguished pen brand in the world. With a reputation for extremely high quality and stunning, practical design, Parker is the natural choice when looking for a tasteful and special gift. When a pen is engraved the personal message or logo chosen stays with the pen indefinitely, with no fading or wearing off. Added inscription to Parker Pens boosts the value of the item as well and increasing sentimental significance, as the item instantly becomes unique.

    Engraving a Parker Pen with a name or meaningful message instantly creates a personal and thoughtful gift for any wedding, birthday or graduation. It can sometimes be difficult to give a gift that is both thoughtful and classic, which is why a pen is an excellent choice for a timeless and practical gift. With a personal inscription, engraved pens represent important personal milestones and serve as a timeless reminder of the happy occasion they were gifted.

     Pens engraved with a company logo leave a strong and positive impression for corporate associates, while promotionally engraved Parker pens can be impressive commercial gifts and keepsakes. Engraved pens can be bought as promotional items to boost brand exposure or to thank clients or high-profile associates. Promotionally inscribed pens speak volumes for class and professionalism.

    Personalised pens vary from everyday Parker Fountain Pens to Ballpoint Pens and Parker Rollerball Pens, making them a versatile and useful gift for both adults and children. Class, durability and style make engraved pens a stylish and thoughtful gift for every important occasion.


  • Welcome to Executive Pens Direct - The Blog

    Welcome! Executive Pens Direct – the Blog has finally arrived. After many requests from our customers we now have a place to share our knowledge and interest together.

    Our aim is to keep you up to date with the latest pen and stationery news and shopping advice for all you pen aficionados out there.

    We will bring you all the latest info from the top pen brands, along with advice, such as how to use a fountain converter plus special offer and giveaways. So if there is anything you would like us to share please let us know via Email

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