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Silver pens to ward off Werewolves

With Halloween approaching now is this time to invest in a few silver pens to have around the house and on your person in the event of a Werewolf attack.

With plenty of ghouls and monsters around on Halloween it is likely that you will stumble across a werewolf or two - maybe even a pack of them if you're unlucky - so arm yourself with some knowledge as well as a silver pen.

The tale of the werewolf being vulnerable to silver bullets is one of the oldest pieces of folklore around and stems from the mid 18th Century story of the Beast of Gévaudan.  The Beast was a man-eating wolf that terrorised the Gévaudan region of Southern/Central France.


According to 'eyewitnesses' the Beast (or Beasts) was associated with kills within a circumference of 50miles around the region and took its victims lives by ripping out their throats.

The reign of terror was ended when a hunter by the name of Jean Chastel, who struck the Beast dead with a silver gun loaded with silver bullets of his own making; starting to tale that werewolves can be killed with a silver bullet.

In reality, it is likely that these 'Beasts of Gévaudan' were nothing more than regular wolves that were acting in isolation. Wolves were a problem for humans throughout the 18th Century with many people being killed, leading to legends being born such as this one.

Still, this Halloween it's better to be safe than sorry. At Executive Pens Direct we have a brilliant range of silver pens for sale from top brands such as Laban, Waterman and Otto.

Or even better why not give yourself a better chance of survival with our Fisher Space Pens? We have just the thing for protecting yourself against werewolves with the Fisher Space Bullet pen.

Fisher Space BulletThis pen will not only protect you should you be attacked by a werewolf, but you will also be able to use it afterwards to write to the Mayor of the town to declare the beast dead and the town safe!

Fisher Space pens are designed to work in all kinds of environment: upside down, underwater, even in zero gravity, so you can be sure that it can take care of a mere werewolf.

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