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The new Troika range - more quality pens!

We are delighted to announce that we are now stocking the stunning Troika range of quality pens in a variety of styles.

troika rollerball pens

Troika was a company that started in 1972, creating gear shifter levers for sports cars and silver cufflinks as gifts for men. It continued in this vein until 1992, when it was moved to Germany after being purchased by Liudger Böll.

Liudger changed the direction of the company and turned it into a mens gift company that prides itself on it's innovative ideas in the sector. They are now the market leaders in creating innovative and high quality keyrings, with over 10,000 displays worldwide and exporting their products, including their high quality pens, to over 70 different countries.

Since 2010, Troika has been the sole provider for creating merchandise - such as pens, business card holders and keyrings - for German Airline Lufthansa, who share their passion for quality and innovation and is the biggest airline in Germany.

The unique and individual design of Troika's quality pens makes them ideal gifts for any event. If you know someone who is a bit of a DIY expert or hobbyist, then try the construction ballpoint pen which is designed with a ruler-style. This pen makes a great gift for the Dad who is impossible to buy for..

troika construction pen

Or if you want to buy a gift for a newspaper reporter who someone who enjoys writing, then the 'what's new' pen is perfect, designed in a newspaper print style that will bring a smile to any writer's face.

troika pens

Troika's quality pens have many more styles - from music notes to colour splashes, to suit any taste and make a great gift; making them one of the most diversely designed pens on the market.

We also have a a supply of Troika Fountain Pens. These are available in many different styles or just plain colours to create an elegant product perfect for a gift to others or to yourself.

Fountain pens are a great status symbol, and writing with a fountain pen gives a completely different writing experience to a ballpoint or rollerball pen. A quality fountain pen is a pleasure to write with, and our range of quality pens from Troika will be the perfect writing tool to provide this experience.


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