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Limited Edition Parker Jotters & New Pen Sets

This month Executive Pens Direct have added a few new Parker pens to our website. We are pleased to have the new limited edition Parker Jotters to celebrate the Parker Jotter’s 60th Birthday. In the last 60 years, the Jotter has been one of the most popular selling and iconic refillable pens in the world, selling over 750 million units since 1954. What better way to celebrate this success than to introduce 4 new colours: White, Coral, Pink and Grey-Green.

Jotter Parker New

The Parker Jotter has always had colour as a core value, and the 4 new pens are no exception. These attractive new colours symbolize different milestones in the Jotter’s rich history.

Grey-Green and Coral Jotter
In 1954, the first Parker ball pen writer is launched in 2 colours; green and red.

Pink and Whiteness Jotter
In September 1958, Parker introduced a complete range of feminine-styled pens called Princess and Debutante Jotters. They were designed in pastel pink and beige, giving inspiration to the 60th anniversary limited editions.  Our favorite is the Parker Pink Jotter.

Parker Jotter

Limited Edition Pen Sets
We would also like to introduce 2 new premium Parker pen sets available for a limited time to celebrate Parker’s 125th anniversary. Each pen comes with in a beautiful oversize white and gold gift box with a FREE notebook included.

Parker Urban Pen Gift Set

One set includes the beautiful Parker Urban Premium Pearlised Ballpoint Pen, and the other includes the more masculine Parker Sonnet Black Ballpoint pen. Each set would make a superb gift for loved ones or friends.

Parker Limited Edition Pen Set

If you like any of these new limited edition pens, check them out. They won’t be around forever.

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