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Father's Day Competition - My Dad Is Great Because...

With the success of our last competition we just had to give you all another chance to win, but this time we are focusing on all things Dad. Father's Day is almost here (June 19th), and to celebrate our Dad's we have a wonderful competition to treat one special father out there.

Entering is easy all we want you to do is tell us, either in the blog comments or on our Facebook, why you think your dad is the greatest. Is he always giving you great advice or there for you when times are tough?

Let us know for a chance to win this Yellow Troika Construction Ballpoint pen to give as a gift to your dad this Father's Day.

construction-penThis functional pen takes multi-tasking to a whole new level and sports four different metric cm ratios for scale conversions 1:20, 1:25, 1:50 and 1:100. Also hidden in the pen you'll find a Philips and slotted head screwdriver, a spirit level and a ballpoint pen and stylus all housed in an attractive, brightly-coloured yellow casing.

A perfect practical gift for both men and women, we're sure any hands on dad would love to open this quirky gift on Father's day.

So tell us, why is your Dad great?

Terms and Conditions:

One entry per person - either on the blog OR Facebook
Competition ends June 12th
Winner to be announced the following week
Prize will be sent out on Tuesday 14th June so it arrives in time for Father's Day

26 thoughts on “Father's Day Competition - My Dad Is Great Because...”

  • Julie C

    He can fix anything he would love this quirky gift!

  • Anita Missen

    He is a jack of all trades. He always there in i need help with DIY. Xx

  • Kimberley Ryan
    Kimberley Ryan May 25, 2016 at 11:16 am

    My dad is the best, he is always there to help with any DIY requests or just as a shoulder to cry on. He is the best dad, granddad and great granddad we could ask for.

  • Norm Gross

    My Dear Father was the Best ever because before he died at 56 yes old, and leaving a Son of 17 with the responsibility of running his farm for his Mom. He made a mature man out of me by what I thought at the time as cruelty. I will ever Praise him and Totally Respect him for making me a man at an early age because he knew he would not be there to mentor me.Thank You so much my Dearest Dad.

  • Jodie Pether

    My Dad is great because he brought up three children on his own when he became a widower. He's a great grandad and has never let us down or want for anything although times have been hard for him he's never let that stop him from supporting us.

  • Bernadette mckeown
    Bernadette mckeown May 25, 2016 at 1:42 pm

    My dad has been there for me through every step in life. I would be lost without him, he is my real life superhero! Love him to the moon & back!

  • Samantha Mann
    Samantha Mann May 25, 2016 at 4:25 pm

    My husband is the best daddy I have ever known, couldn't have wished for a better dad to my kids. Both of us had a pretty rubbish childhood in terms of parents but that has turned him into an amazing father from learning from his owns mistakes and downfalls. Our children adore him and he makes them laugh so much.

  • Lucy robinson
    Lucy robinson May 26, 2016 at 2:01 pm

    My dad is great because he makes me smile and want to aspire to be just like him.

  • Rick Haswell

    What makes the perfect Dad? Is it the Dad who showers his kids with gifts or the Dad who by their actions shows their mere presence is a gift in itself ? Is it the Dad who insists on you finishing first or motivates you to simply do your best ?  I'm proud of my Dad for so many reasons. Whether it be serving his country in the RAF at the end of World War 2. Or overcoming initial nerves on TV's Countdown to acquit himself admirably. Or even teaching me good grace and sportsmanship were far more important than actually winning. A confidante, a shoulder to cry on, a gentleman and a friend. My Dad is the one to lift me when I'm down, and keeps my feet on the ground when things are going well. He may not be the best, but to me, he's perfect.

  • Jilly g

    My husband deserves this fab father's day gift as he is in the building trade and loves to measure our little ones height progress on our kitchen wall. He could perfect the markings with this spirit level pen. :)

  • Kiran Parry

    My dad is the best because if I believe and have the right attitude like my dadI know I would achieve. My dad is an inspiration, ambitious, caring and always as a positive attitude. I am always proud to say to people that he's my dad because he always makes a good impression. I treat him as if he is a prince or a king because he is so special and unique and he as got to be the No 1 dad.

  • Jim Radford

    My dad is brilliant/he is such a lovely bloke/he taught me how to be a man/he taught me his bad jokes/he loves a beer/and gardening/and is always up for fun/you should see him at a disco/in his suit from '81/he helps me out/even now/and I am 36/from rusty gates/to things I break/there is nothing he can't fix/I love my dad/he is the best/so I would really love to win/him a treat for Father's Day/so I can see my old man grin!/

  • Sarah Prescott
    Sarah Prescott June 2, 2016 at 12:38 pm

    He's great at fixing and mending things,
    A No 1 dad who deserves to win,
    I can just see him now with his Troika pen,
    Planning to build his cave man den

  • Amy Beckett

    My dad is so thoughtful last year he bought me tickets to see my fav band for my birthday. The best moment was seeing my brother dragging him out a mosh pit.
    He also need this pen to build his 30 year old daughter a skate ramp.

  • lisa evans

    He makes me laugh! He is the eternal optimist

  • Kay Panayi

    He'd soon know if someone pinched it X

  • Lucy Underwood
    Lucy Underwood June 4, 2016 at 11:48 am

    He is always there when I need him. Whether its something silly like getting me a drink of water or its helping putting up those Ikea shelves with little instructions, he's always one to help! He is the most inspirational person I know and he is always willing to share advice with me. If I'm ill, he takes good care of me and takes regular trips to the doctors or hospital. Once, I was very ill and I had to go to A&E during the night. Even though he was tired, he drove all the way to the hospital and stayed there for hours comforting me. He is always full of jokes and he cheers me up when I'm sad. He makes me laugh and even I'm not in the mood to laugh, he finds a way of getting a giggle to slip out of my mouth. My dad is very caring and he helps anyone in need. He loves animals and is always rescuing injured birds, mammals or whatever is in danger. He is my hero and I love him so much. He's given everything to me, my sisters and my mother ,so even a gift like this will be a token of my thanks to him and I will be able to give him something special for fathers day. It will repay him for everything he has done for me, so I really want to win this for him. His tape measure is very important to him and recently he is using it in a new room he's built for me, so this pen would b a perfect gift, that I would never of imagined existed! Thank you for the chance to win this brilliant pen! I can't wait to see if I win this to give to my dad/ my hero and my best friend! I love you daddy!

  • Rebecca Morgan
    Rebecca Morgan June 4, 2016 at 4:32 pm

    My dad is the greatest because he came to fix my door, my car wheel, my light fitting, my fence...what would I do without my dad!

  • Gilla Abrahams
    Gilla Abrahams June 4, 2016 at 5:02 pm

    My dad is lovely and he's mine, plus he would really love this pen.

  • Edward Solaz

    My Dad was the first person to ever put a pen in my hand. Now I would love to repay the favour by doing the same. My Dad has morally guided me through life with his motivational speeches and his terrible Dad jokes. I would love to give him this gift to show him how great he is, and how much I love him.

  • Marianne Daniels
    Marianne Daniels June 4, 2016 at 11:35 pm

    He's so much of who I am. It's so hard to put into words why my Dad is so great. The short of it is, I can think of few people for whom I have as much love, tolerance and patience in this world, because he showed me that himself.

  • Sue Price

    For one my dad is a builder so would love this pen! He is the funniest man you could meet, both with his banter, and the ridiculous things he does without even realising it. He chauffeurs me around to my hospital appointments and wears the chauffeurs cap I brought him for a laugh. He doesn't mind looking daft and loves plying the fool. He's the best, I miss him loads as we had to move away from my old town 9 months ago, we now live 200 miles away :( Miss him everyday....but he is coming to stay with us the week after fathers day so I can't wait for that ☺️

  • Heather Jenkinson
    Heather Jenkinson June 5, 2016 at 1:02 pm

    He's great because, he always has a solution to any problem from tricky house problems to phones down the loo, and best of all, he can sew, not many dads can sit in front of the telly sewing sequins onto a ball-gown! :)

  • Stacey Rowe

    My dad is the greatest because he's always there for me with a hug and some good advice on how to tackle a problem. Plus now he's teaching me to drive he's really showing his trust in me by literally putting his life in my hands and being a brilliantly patient teacher too!

    DEBRA ETCHELLS June 5, 2016 at 7:40 pm

    Dad is the best Dad & Grandad. He is always there to help us all. He never refuses to help. He has been through illness and still always worked and helped us all too. He is an aircraft fitter and would like the pen. thanks

  • Samantha Mann
    Samantha Mann June 5, 2016 at 10:09 pm

    Because if you're ever feeling down you can count on him to put that smile back on your face

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