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Pen Advice

  • 19 Inspiring Quotes About Pens & Writing

    We love a good quote, especially if it's related to pens - we've put together a list of nineteen inspiring quotes about pens and writing to hopefully give you a little bit of pen-spiriation.

    1. "The strokes of the pen need deliberation as much as the sword needs it's swiftness"

    The Strokes of the Pen Need Deliberation

    2. "The pen is the tongue of the mind"

    3. "If you want to change the world, pick up your pen and write"

    4. "Writing is a way of talking without being interrupted"

    5. "How can one not dream while writing? It is the pen which dreams. The blank page gives the right to dream"

    6. "Writing is the painting of the voice"

    7. "One book, one pen, one child and one teacher can change the world"

    8. "Writing, to me, is simply thinking through my fingers"

    9. "Writing is like driving at night in the fog. You can only see as far as your headlights, but you can make the whole trip that way"

    10. "The power of the pen is not in the colour of ink it spills; but the power of the word it spells"

    11. "A pen transmits the voice of the soul"

    12. "Never let anyone use your toothbrush or your pen"

    13. "The pen is mightier than the sword, and considerably easier to write with"

    14. "The pen and the written word hold a great deal of power"

    15. "If you get stuck, draw with a different pen. Change your tools; it may free your thinking"

    16. "I'm not happy unless I have a pen in my hand, it's really that simple"

    17. "The pen is mightier than the sword if the sword is very short, and the pen is very sharp"

    18. "None of us can have as many virtues as the fountain pen, or half its cussedness; but we can try"

    19. "I dip my pen in the blackest ink, because I'm not afraid of falling into my inkpot"

    I dip my pen in the blackest ink

  • A Guide To Monteverde Pens

    What Are Monteverde Pens?

    A division of the YAFA pen company, Monteverde pens were established 36 years ago in America, where they quickly became an established name due to their high quality and elegance.

    YAFA logo

    An industry leader in creative and innovative writing implements, YAFA is well known for being one of the world’s leading sources for fine writing instruments and launched Monteverde as a platform for innovative new ways of getting peoples’ ideas from pen to paper.

    Monteverde USA Logo

    They offer a wide range of colours, and target their price points to embrace a broad spectrum of consumers, as well as more selective aficionados of fine writing implements.

    Where Are Monteverde Pens Made?

    Materials that go into the creation of the pens come from suppliers located throughout Europe to ensure that the finest resins, celluloids and carbon fibres are sourced, before the construction takes place. The pens are hand crafted, meaning that individuality is ensured, and their instantly recognisable barrel designs have achieved worldwide recognition.

    What Types Of Pen Do Monteverde Make?

    Ballpoint, fountain, rollerball and pencil types are all covered within the Monteverde brand, with various shapes and styles across all versions. Different materials are also used, which include wood, carbon fibre and shell.

    Monteverde Pen Refills

    Refills are available for ballpoint and rollerball variations of the pen, as well as an array of ink and cartridges to cover fountain pens. Monteverde utilize ITF Ink Treatment, a European formula which improves ink flow quality while lubricating and protecting ink feeding systems.

    This results in the pen being less susceptible to corrosion and clogging, as well as improving ink drying time on paper, and maximising cap-off time. Inks are available in a vast array of colours, spread across the spectrum.

    Converters are also available, which allow use of bottled ink in pens designed to take cartridges, offering more choice to the consumer.

    Why Choose Monteverde?

    As hand written communication increasingly becomes a rarity, use of a luxury pen can help to cultivate and enhance a love of the written world. Monteverde pens offer this, providing their users with true comfort and style, alongside a smooth writing experience. Their range is diverse and varied, and offers styles, colours and patterns to suit all tastes.

  • How Does A Fountain Pen Work?

    When writing with a fountain pen, ink is pulled down the nib’s centre, which is split in two, by what is known as capillary action. Natural gravity also plays a part, as does air entering the pen via the slit in the nib, which fills the ink storage as it empties. Alongside the technical aspects of course, there are many other things worth knowing before purchasing a fountain pen.

    How do you hold a fountain pen?

    Taking the upper end of the pen between the thumb and index finger, then moving it down towards the end of the finger to where it feels comfortable may require a small amount of trial and error, but it should be obvious when it feels satisfactory. When this has been done, the hand should be used to lightly press against the paper, to a level and pressure that again feels natural. The barrel of the pen should rest somewhere on the middle finger, to give a solid base. Whereabouts on the finger varies from person to person, but it is important to remember that the thumb and index finger should be the guide, with the middle finger simply a base support. Keeping the pen at an angle of somewhere between 40 and 55 degrees should provide the best results and help ink flow.

    How do you put ink in a fountain pen?

    There are various methods of filling a fountain pen, with the simplest being cartridge insertion, which involves little more than pushing the suitable refill into place firmly. Inserting a converter works in a similar manner, but then requires the user to place the nib into the ink bottle. Twisting the converter counter-clockwise removes the air, while clockwise should suck the ink in.

    For pens not using a converter the process is the same, but with a metal bar or crescent on the main shaft pressed and released to draw the ink from the bottle. It is always useful to keep a cloth or piece of blotting paper to hand during the process to remove any excess ink that may be generated.

    How do you get the ink to flow in a fountain pen?

    Depending on the pen being used, issues around ink flow can vary. Most pens will experience little problem in bringing the ink straight to the nib, however struggles can sometimes arise in new equipment.

    Things to check for include making sure the cartridge is fully and correctly inserted, and that there are no faults with the nib itself. Keeping the pen vertical while tapping it can often help the ink flow, as will pushing the nib down firmly onto paper a number of times or running it under gently running warm water.

    Fountain pen vs. ballpoint pen​

    There is much debate over whether a fountain or ballpoint pen is superior, with a large amount of personal opinion forming the basis of many arguments on both sides. Ballpoints are often praised for their convenience and ease of use, as well as their reliability. Fountain pens offer the writer a higher level of penmanship, and are viewed highly for the style and classicism in which they present the users handwriting.

    Criticism is sometimes levelled at them however for what is deemed as ‘high maintenance’ levels of cleaning and refilling. The propensity for them to leak is also larger than their ballpoint counterparts. Ballpoint pens are usually heavier, so are more suited to writing brief notes and small amounts, with fountain pens praised for their light and comfortable nature. As both pens can be said to perform their own functions, and come into their own in different areas of use, to many people they complement each other perfectly rather than being rivals.

  • Win With Get Crafty Tuesday | National Stationery Week

    Day 2 of our NSW celebrations and we have a super bundle ready to be won, chock full of goodies to help you get crafty.

    In this bundle you will find:

    1x 5.6mm Mechanical Clutch Pencil in Navy
    1x Set of 6 Mechanical Diamond Drawing Pencils with Coloured Leads
    1x Soft Eraser
    1x Pack of Gioconda 5.6mm leads in 4B
    1x Pack of 13 Magic Pencils

    All of these products are from Koh-I-Noor and to win them all you have to do is answer a very simple question!


    All we want to know is, Where is Koh-I-Noor based?

    Leave your answers below for a chance to win!

    Competition ends Midnight 25/04/2017

  • How To Clean And Care For Your Fountain Pen

    When purchasing and using a fountain pen it is important to consider the time and care that need to be put into your pen so it maintains its condition and writing ability.

    As standard a fountain pen used regularly should be thoroughly cleaned or "flushed" at least 4 times a year and more frequently than this if used less often to prevent the ink drying and clogging up the pens inner-mechanisms.

    In this blog we will outline how to do a basic clean and how to fully flush your fountain pen. A basic clean is ideal for those who are planning on using the same ink in their fountain pen and find that their pen is writing well with no skipping or clogging.

    The Basic Clean

    1. Disassemble your pen by removing the cap and screwing apart the nib or grip section from the pen body.


    If using an ink cartridge or converter, remove this also. A piece of tape can be used to cover the opening to either if you want to save the remaining ink.

    2. Turn your tap on to run cold or cool water and hold the nib section under the flowing water to remove any excess ink.

    Make sure not to use hot or warm water as the heat could warp or damage parts of the pen.

    3. Fill a glass with some cool water and place the nib section in to soak; the water should be replaced every time it becomes saturated with ink. Keep repeating this step until the water remains clear for an hour.

    Fountain pens that haven't been cleaned for a prolonged period of time or have been filled with stubborn ink may take longer to become clean during this step.

    4. Remove the water and place some kitchen roll or soft cloth at the bottom of the glass before placing the bottom part of the pen into the cup with the nib pointing downwards. The tissue will draw out any remaining ink or moisture.

    Ideally the pen should be left to dry overnight or for 24 hours.

    5. Once dry simply reassemble your pen and replace your ink cartridge or converter and you are ready to write again!

    Full Fountain Pen Flush

    We recommend flushing your fountain pen for a more thorough clean and when changing inks or having any issues when writing with your pen e.g. skipping or clogging.

    The steps below are for flushing a fountain pen that has a built-in filling system or is using converter.

    1.  Disassemble the pen and follow steps 1 and 2 of the basic clean method.

    2. Fill a glass with water and submerge the open end of the barrel or converter, then fill and empty the ink chamber until clean replacing the water when it becomes saturated with ink.

    3. Reattach the converter or barrel section to the nib and place in a glass of clean water.

    4. Use the filling system to draw and flush water in and out of your pen, repeating until the water coming out is clean. Change the water in the glass when it becomes saturated.

    5. Leave the pen to soak in clean water for a few hours in order to remove any stubborn ink stains.

    6. Follow steps 4 and 5 of the basic cleaning method and your pen is then fully cleaned and ready to go until next time.

    Tips & Tricks

    • When first receiving your fountain pen if it seems to skip or jump then a quick flush through with some water should resolve the issue. It is often the case that manufacturers will factory test a pen and some ink residue may have been left behind. Lamy is a common example but it is often more expensive, luxury brands that may do this.
    • For stubborn ink stains and residue that won't budge you could invest in some fountain pen flush to help shift them. We stock Monteverde's 8 oz. bottle of flush.

    Monteverde Fountain Pen Flush

    Useful links:

    Advice from Parker on cleaning, care and other fountain pen FAQ'S

    This JetPen post explores advanced cleaning techniques for those wanting to find out how to completely disassemble their pen.

  • Results of Our Father's Day Competition - My Dad is Great Because...

    Thanks to everyone for getting involved in our Father's Day competition, we had some great entries from humerous ones to heart felt ones. We were definitely feeling the love for our Dads here in the Executive Pens Direct office.

    Since we had so many worthy winners to choose from we have added our top ten to a hat and  we have decided to pick one runner-up as well as an overall winner. Here are the entries of our runner-up and our final winner.

    Our runner-up is Deborah Swain with her entry below

    Dad's a natural 'ruler', strong, reliable, certainly 'measures' up for the best dad in the world!..A 'write' character too! Always in high 'spirits', 'levels' us all, keeping all our feet on the ground! Sometimes 'pen'sive, always 'constructing' positivity wherever he goes!!.. Love you Dad!! xxxxx

    The Winner of the Troika Yellow Construction Pen...

    Lydia Frew with her entry below

    He makes me laugh
    When I want to cry
    He explains the world
    When I don’t know why
    Always there with sage advice
    Patient when I need telling twice
    He’s a football crazy, golfing Dad
    But the best one I could ever have.


    Troika construction pen Thanks again for all our your entries, we loved reading them and we hope you enjoy the finalists entries as much as we did. Keep your eyes on our Facebook and Twitter to be the first to know about our offers and competitions.


  • Papermate Pens – Revolutionary and Professional

    Over the years, Papermate has become known as one of the most recognisable brands in the stationary industry. Their inventive designs and often revolutionary developments have made them a true industry leader. Given their latest range of Papermate pens, it seems likely that they will continue to lead the way and grow from strength to strength over the coming years.

    Papermate Pens At Executive Pens Direct

    Papermate Pens

    Papermate has been revolutionising the pen industry on a regular basis for nearly 70 years. It all started in 1949 when Papermate introduced instant-drying ink to the world. Considering that this was a completely new invention, it inevitably took the world by storm. While many companies would have settled for this single piece innovation, Papermate did not give up. They continue to experiment with designs and push boundaries to try and make writing a more comfortable and enjoyable experience. That’s why every new release from Papermate feels fresh and original.

    What makes Papermate such a successful brand is their ability to design pens for anyone. For every range of pens designed for use in schools, they have a selection for crafters, designers, and professionals. Regardless of what kind of pens you are looking for, Papermate leads the way in almost every aspect of the pen industry.

    Continued Innovation

    Papermate has continued to release an impressive range of pens, all of which have provided some level of innovation for the industry. Even the Papermate Inkjoy, which is their most recent release, has an innovative design based around the use of low viscosity ink. This means that you are able to remain comfortable for longer while completing smooth and neat writing.

    Want to see what else Papermate have on offer? We are proud to stock some of the most impressive models Papermate have ever produced. So take a look at the Papermate pens selection we have on offer to find the perfect pen for you!

  • Koh I Noor Pencils - Over 200 Years of Innovation

    Koh I Noor has been one of the leaders of stationary production and innovation for over two centuries. During that time, they have kept up with industry changes and even brought about a few themselves with their incredible designs.

    Koh I Noor Pencils at Executive Pens Direct

    A History of Innovation

    Koh I Noor was founded in Vienna in 1790 by Josef Hardtmuth. Almost from the start, Koh I Noor pencils were a success in the stationary world. When they were taken to a range of exhibitions around the world, they were frequently given prestigious awards. London in 1862, Milan in 1905, and Paris in 1925 were just a few of the exhibitions where Koh I Noor stole the show.

    Growth and Expansion

    As their range of pencils became more and more popular, Koh I Noor decided it was time to expand the business. As part of the expansion, the company decided that they would focus on making stationary for specific purposes – artistry, office work, school work, and hobby crafting. This allowed them to experiment with design elements so they could craft the perfect product for each intended use. This expansion proved to be a great success, with the company going from strength to strength producing other forms of stationary, including chalk, crayons, and watercolours.

    Koh I Noor Pencils

    While they have had a lot of success in many areas, Koh I Noor pencils have remained where their strength truly lies. Now they have started producing a range of mechanical pencils, which are ideal for office and study use. They also have a range of colour pencils which are popular among artists and hobby crafters alike.

    Want to find out more about what Koh I Noor have to offer? Simply click on the link above to have a browse through our range of Koh I Noor pencils.

  • Choosing the right fountain pen, pointers to help you make the right choice

    Making the choice, in this electronic computer-keyboard-driven world, to adopt a time-honoured method of writing with a fountain pen is rather bold. Which pen will most suit your style and personality? The following considerations may make choosing a pen somewhat easier.

    The nib:

    Considered to be most important factor as this is the part of the pen that transfers thoughts, ideas, drawings and plans to paper. The size of the nib has the greatest influence on the look and style of the writing that you produce.

    For practical purposes, nib sizes range from XF (extra fine), F (fine), M (medium), B (broad), S (stubby) and OB (oblique). There are, of course, additional sizes and the fine produced by one brand may equate to medium in another.


    Ultimately, it comes down to trying a few different brands out for yourself and finding the one that is the most comfortable and produces a line thickness that appeals to you. If you are the type of writer who likes to tilt the pen when writing, then consider an oblique cut nib, in either left or right, to ensure smooth and skip-free writing.

    Nib Material:

    Nibs are usually made from a variety of materials and alloys and are often the point (no pun intended) of robust debate amongst aficionados. Traditionally iridium has been the tip material of choice, expertly welded to the nib. Nib alloys can include osmium, silver, copper, rhodium, tungsten and platinum.

    Pen Size:

    The general rule of thumb governing pen size is directly proportional to the users hand size, the larger or smaller the hand, the larger or smaller the pen size. Pen thickness also comes into play as some writers find a pen that is too thick to be unwieldy. Similarly, a pen that is too thin can cause a fair amount of hand fatigue. It should also be noted that pen size does not necessarily refer to the capacity of the pen to store ink as this is governed by reservoir type, for example, plunger fillers hold more volume than cartridge or converter pens.

    Personal Aesthetics:

    Finally personal aesthetics play a major part in the decision making process. This refers to the type of material that the pen body is made from as well as the overall visual appeal. While some may say that this is the least relevant consideration, others will argue to the contrary. A beguiling pen can inspire the imagination and get the creative juices flowing in the right direction.

    Ranging from very affordable to exclusively luxurious and expensive, there is a wide choice. Today, the use of ABS plastics create a cheaper range of pens. However, a high class fountain pen can be found in finer, more exotic materials such as gold, sterling silver, platinum, rare woods, animal bone, brass and more.

    Fountain pen and ink

    Unique designs and theme-related pens make a great personal statement. Pens engraved with initials, monograms and special messages also set them apart from the rest.

    With all of these considerations at your disposal, making a decision should be more manageable. With careful thought and some serious deliberation, you should end up with a choice that suits both your needs and personality perfectly!

    To help you along, take a look at our selection of fountain pens here.

  • The Executive Pens Direct Easter Egg Hunt

    We are getting ready for Easter here at Executive Pens Direct HQ and to treat all of our lovely customers we are running an Easter competition full of great discounts!


    Every order placed from today until the 28th March will receive an Easter egg with their parcel which entitles them to either 5%, 10% or 15% off. As well as this, three lucky folk will receive a GOLDEN egg that gives them 25% on the site!

    As they say you've go to be in it to win it.

    If you need a little Easter Gift-spiration why not check out the categories below.


    Terms and Conditions:
    One use per customer
    No minimum order
    Up to a max of £1000
    Cannot be used in conjunction with any other offers
    Discount code must be used before May 21st 2016
    For more info see our full terms and conditions

  • The Art of Colouring In: A review of Berol pens

    A household name in the stationary world, Berol pens are the ones we remember using at school and wishing we had at home, but when tested against each other which of the Berol colouring pens comes up trumps?

    We got together four different types of Berol pens and did a little colouring in to find out.

    The competitors were Berol Colourbrush, Colourfine, Hand Huggers and Colourbroad and first up to the test were the Colourbrush pens.

    These pens are designed with a brush style fibre tip, similar to that of an artists' paint brush so that fine lines can be achieved when using the tip but when used at an acute angle a much broader line is produced. The line width on the Colourbrush pens is 1.5mm making it bigger than the Colourfine pens but smaller than the Hand Huggers and Colourbroads.

    Berol ColourbrushWhen using these pens we found you have to be gentle when wanting detailed lines and slightly firmer for a thicker block of colour where more colouring in is required. This makes the Colourbrush quite versatile and economic as you can achieve both detail and general colouring with just one pen.

    Berol ColourfineFor more detailed colouring and writing the Berol weapon of choice would often be the Colourfine pens. These were great for controlled colouring such as trying to stay within the lines but also effective for larger areas of colouring despite some initial doubts. Colouring more substantial areas does take longer with the Colourfine pens but it does generally look very neat and there aren't many white gaps showing through the ink.

    Next up in our test were the Hand Huggers which are designed with young children learning to colour and write in mind. These are also available as pencils and have an ergonomic shape to encourage the correct grip when writing and drawing as well as reducing any hand strain. The Hand Huggers have a line width of 1.7mm just like the Colourbroad pens so the colouring experience with both was quite similar, the only difference being less hand strain when using the Hand Huggers.

    Berol Hand HuggersMoving on to the Colourbroads, these quickly coloured in larger areas on the page but it was quite difficult trying to fill in smaller, more detailed parts of the picture and trying not to go out of the lines often resulted in white gaps on the page. One thing we did find interesting about the Colourbroads was that the ink can be worked with a wet brush in order to create a subtle wash of colour.

    Berol ColourbroadOverall, the Berol pens we found best value for money and easiest to use are the Colourbrush and Colourfine pens. The Colourbrushes as they allow variety in creating thin and thick lines and the Colourfines as they allow for detailed colouring and provide a more opaque ink coverage on the page. Next would be the Hand Huggers which only exceed the Colourbroads because of how comfortable they are to hold, making them ideal for longer colouring sessions. Finally are the Colourbroads which are great for colouring, but we would recommend them for large colouring tasks or poster making as their thick line width is great for making words stand out. A larger colouring area would also allow you to fully embrace the technique of using them with a wet brush to create more subtle areas of colour.

    Berol pen comparison

    All of these Berol pens contain washable ink which will wash out of most fabrics and the Colourbroads, Colourfines and Colourbrushes can all be left uncapped for up to 14 days without drying out, making them perfect for at school and at home.

  • Perfect Mother's Day Pens

    When your mother has all the stunning accessories for her designer outfits, she needs only one more item. A fabulous designer pen this Mother's Day!

    Tapping away on your mobile or laptop is fine, but nothing beats a real classic writing instrument. Serious business reports, your personal journal, doodling around on a cold day in front of the fire, a special invitation, all get taken to the next level with a high-class designer pen.

    Forget those images of school days with grubby and leaky ink pens staining your fingers and clothes. Our exclusive range of pens offers writing instruments of exceptional quality with precision engineering, fabulous designs and eye-catching colours.

     Choose your style of writing tip, we offer rollerball, fountain pen or ballpoint. Do you enjoy the feeling of a click on a ballpoint before you sign that huge deal? Perhaps a vintage ink pot and fountain nib is your unique characteristic. The luxurious smooth flow of a rollerball may enthral! Mix and match to suit your mood.

     Our range includes a selection of beautiful ladies pens, crafted slimmer for a smaller hand and perfect for slipping into a gorgeous handbag or purse.

     Be bright and fun during the day with an iconic Parker Jotter Pen. Offering a combination of hot pink and stainless steel, it is sure to uplift your mood. We can engrave this pen with your personal initials, name or nickname in a stylish font of your choice.Parker Pink JotterFor a night on the town, nothing less than Swarovski Crystals will do. Our Laban Swarovski Slim Line Crystal Ballpoint is elegant and exquisitely designed. Crafted from 925 sterling silver, it features a clip smothered with inlaid crystals. It is thoughtfully designed too, for beautifully balanced handwriting.

    Laban Swarovski For something to go with your little black number, take a peek at our ultra slim and ultra attractive, Ohto Ceramic Fine Slim Black Rollerball Pen. Ohto is a world renowned brand name, exuding class and charisma due to the Japanese culture of perfection and attention to the smallest detail. This model features fabulous sleek cap/barrel joints and offers a ceramic ball for impossibly smooth writing. Take it out of your purse during dinner to note down a scrumptious dessert recipe, you are sure to raise a few eyebrows.

     If gold mesmerises you, consider another option in our Ohto collection. The Ohto Slimline Gold Ballpoint Pen is resplendent in old gold, lightweight at only 8.8g and easy to use with an extra fine tip.

    Ohto Ceramic Black Ohto Slimline Gold

     If you are looking for a gift for a special lady, most of our classy pens come packaged in equally classy gift boxes. They can also be engraved adding that extra special touch!

     Browse through our selection of pens and you are certain to find that special one waiting for you.

  • Get ready to draw and donate this National Doodle Day

    Something we do while on the phone or in a meeting, doodling is often overlooked as a childish action rather than something productive that can harness our creativity and focus.


    The truth according to Sunni Brown however is that doodling "opens us up to greater insights, better information retention and higher levels of concentration, getting us closer to those coveted “a-ha” moments". Doodling helps us unclutter our minds leaving plenty of room for all of the important information we need to take in at that particular moment.

    As well as all of these benefits, we can doodle to raise awareness and help people suffering from epilepsy with National Doodle Day on Friday 5th February.doodle-day_logoOrganised by Epilepsy Action, the aim of National Doodle Day is to get everyone doodling and donating to help the people and families who are affected. The Doodle Day website says that by doing so, your support will ensure that the 600,000 people living with epilepsy have access to specialist advice, quality healthcare and can live free of stigma, prejudice and discrimination.

    To help you get doodling we've put together some of our doodle essentials, simply click the image the see the products in full.

    Paper Mate Inkjoy 100 Berol Colourbrush Felt Tips Koh-I-Noor Jumbo Magic Pencils Sharpie Metallic Markers Paper Mate Replay Gel Pens Koh-I-Noor Versatil 5353

    Plenty of celebrities also get involved with the event and there is even an auction between 5-7th February to buy your favourite celebrities doodle. You can check out all of the celebrity doodles here.

    To find out and more about National Doodle Day and to to donate check out this page.



  • Get Writing With InCoWriMo

    If you are a keen writer or pen enthusiast then you may have heard of National Journal Writing Month and even National Novel Writing Month but, have you come across InCoWriMo?

    International Correspondence Writing Month is basically what it says on the tin, a whole month of corresponding with people via letters, postcards, notes or cards and of course everything must be handwritten.

    Whether you send a note to a friend, grandparent or even a stranger, the aim is to send out some form of correspondence every day in February and since this year is a Leap Year that means 29 hand-written items of post should have been sent out by you at the end of February.


    Think you can take on the challenge?

    The people at InCoWriMo have compiled a lovely list of correspondents that they are sure would love to receive your letters and you can check that out here. If you are struggling to think of enough people to fill up all 29 days then why not try browsing the comment sections on the InCoWriMo site? There are scores of people looking for people to send letters to and to receive letters from.

    You don't even have to post your letter, you can deliver it by hand or if it's for a stranger simply leave it at a cafe or on the bus as a pleasant surprise for whoever picks it up. Why not take inspiration from More Love Letters? The story behind this movement is refreshing as it recognises that everyone needs a little TLC sometimes and there are plenty of strangers in the world with plenty of love to share.


    Last January there were 631 known participants of InCoWriMo so who knows what the number is now a year on, but let's hope it has grown and more people around the world are corresponding with each other. You can see where all of these participants are from on this selection of interactive maps.

    To recap, this month is all about getting back to the tradition of writing by hand and what a rewarding way to do so. Your letters could make someones day and you could even end up with a pen pal for life. The opportunities are endless and the InCoWriMo cause is definitely something everyone should get behind if they have a little time to spare each day. If you miss a day simply write an extra letter for that missed day and don't forget to plan your letter recipients so you aren't scrabbling about looking for addresses each day.

    So dig out your favourite pen and your best stationery and get writing this InCoWriMo!


  • National Handwriting Day and the Importance of Writing

    This January 23rd writing enthusiasts worldwide will be celebrating National Handwriting Day and appreciating the noble tool that is the pen.

    The decline of handwriting in the modern world of computers, phones and keyboards has not gone unnoticed with the average person not having written by hand for the past 41 days.

    An essential part of our daily lives whether it be scribbling down a shopping list, taking notes at a meeting or filling in a diary, our handwriting is as unique to us as our fingerprints whereas typing on a keyboard is a generic action that differs neither here nor there.


    Although significantly less physical effort, a typed love letter or postcard can't emote the same feelings as a handwritten one as handwriting requires us to think more because we can't simply delete what we have written. The characteristics of handwriting can also differ greatly from one person to another meaning every letter is different, unique and special.

    Our handwriting can be divided into these varying characteristics:

    • Specific shape of letters, e.g. their roundness or sharpness
    • Regular or irregular spacing between letters
    • The slope of the letters
    • The rhythmic repetition of the elements or arrhythmia
    • The pressure to the paper
    • The average size of letters
    • The thickness of letters

    Handwriting also allows us to connect creatively and let our feelings and thoughts flow onto the page in our own special and individual fashion.

    National Handwriting Day encourages everyone to get out their pen and paper and spend a little time practicing their handwriting, this practice however doesn't have to be limited to just this one day. To inspire you we have gathered a few ideas to get you writing on National Handwriting Day and beyond.

    Find the perfect tool

    If you often find writing uncomfortable or laborious then you could simply be using the wrong pen. Start with the basics of choosing a ballpoint, rollerball or fountain pen and then try different barrel sizes to find a pen that fits perfectly in your grip and feels comfortable when you write.

    Cherrell Avery, who was calligrapher-in-residence at the V&A has some sound advice on choosing a pen and says “you need one with the right barrel thickness, the right speed of ink flow, and the right nib resistance on the paper. It’s a personal choice.”

    In Cherrell Avery's writing lesson with Jake Wallis Simons from The Telegraph, he finds that LAMY's Safari Fountain Pen is the perfect tool for him. You can shop LAMY Safari Pens on our site, just click here.

    Lamy SafariConsult a book

    Simply searching 'handwriting books' online brings up thousands of books and exercises to aid you in your handwriting practicing quest. This book by Rosemary Sassoon is an affordable £6.99 and has many positive reviews from people trying to improve their messy or illegible handwriting as it allows you to find the problem with your writing before correcting and improving it.

    handwritingWrite a letter to a friend or loved one

    Valentine's Day is soon approaching so for those celebrating with a partner this year, show your appreciation by writing them a letter listing all the things you love about them. If that isn't your style then try writing a letter to a distant friend or relative that you haven't spoken to in a while. A handwritten letter shows you are giving time and effort to find out how a person is so it is sure to be appreciated by the lucky recipient.

    Whatever you do this January 23rd, make sure to take a little time to focus on your handwriting because a lot of joy can come from the simple action of putting a pen to paper.




  • The Waterman Pens Brand: Fountain Pens to Pen Jewellery

    The Waterman brand has more then 130 years of history which all started in 1883 when LE Waterman, then a salesman, lost a big sale due to a leaky fountain pen.

    This led him to patent to 'three-fissure feed' system which ensured that the amount of ink lost when using the fountain pen was significantly reduced. A year later, Waterman founded the company that would go on to dominate the quality pen industry


    In 1913, after almost two decades producing fountain pens in Paris, Waterman produced the first lever supply system which was to be used as a reference for the next thirty years in the industry as well as in Waterman pens.

    In 1939, Waterman launched it's 100 year pen which has a warranty of 100 years - the first of any pen in the industry to offer such guarantee of quality and service.

    The trademark pocket clip that has become synonymous with Waterman's style first made it's appearance in 1953 with the Waterman CF which was designed with a ballistic missile in mind with smooth, sleek shapes. The CF also introduced the plastic pen cartridge which would become common use in all Waterman pens and other pen brands.

    In 1983, Waterman pens celebrated their 100th anniversary with the Man 100, which was such high quality it became the benchmark in luxury writing amongst pen enthusiasts and the model which pen manufacturers aspired to.


    In the 1990s three key Waterman pens were created and would become some of their most popular models. The Waterman Expert in 1992, the Waterman Hemisphere in 1994 and the Waterman Carene in 1997.

    In 2001 Waterman joined with the Newell Rubbermaid group, who own brands including Parker, Sharpie and Paper Mate amongst other brands in different sectors. Since then Waterman have continued to create quality products such as the Waterman Exception in 2004 which challenged the way pens are made with it's quadrangular shape.

  • The Q1 by Montegrappa - A Pen for the 21st Century

    Launched in 2015 after two years of research and the patenting of its innovative design, the Montegrappa Q1 is a pen for the 21st Century combining practicality and toughness with luxury and high-quality construction.

    Montegrappa Q1

    Part of Montegrappa's Cult Collection and the first pen of its kind, the Q1 has the ability to hold four ink cartridges at once for the freedom of being able to change colours whenever you want. A clever syringe device designed to clean the feeder with water makes sure that ink colours don't blend but many people who have already used the pen say it is quite enjoyable to watch one colour slowly turn into the other going from, for example, blue to purple and then into red.


    The mechanism that changes the ink colour is not dissimilar from a bullet cylinder in a gun and it is that technology that is the subject of a registered industrial patent.

    With only 100 pieces available, the Q1 is a truly limited edition writing instrument with a price tag that matches. Retailing at £6,620 this is a pen for a true fountain pen aficionado or someone who admires the Montegrappa name and legacy. The Q1's box is as decadent and limited addition as the pen itself being made from wood and lined with soft material to protect its contents. The set comes with several accessories including auxiliary hardware for its continued maintenance: a pair of gloves, a set of tissues and spare ink cartridges.

    The Q1 is an instrument that defines fusion, with its barrel made from strong titanium and its cap made from titanium and Montegrappa's fine Italian leather. The internal part of the pen is filled with stainless steel yet the pens tip remains traditional with an 18k nib and filigree Montegrappa logo.


    The video below shows the Q1 in detail as well as explaining how to clean the pen between changing colours.

    As well as the Q1 we have a range of Montegrappa pens from a variety of ranges, including their extremely popular DC range of comic book characters.

    If you are interested in purchasing the Q1 and want to find out more simply get in touch with us by sending an email to or giving us a call at 0203 371 0226.

  • The World of Koh-I-Noor

    Koh-I-Noor Hardtmuth may be a new addition to our shop but they are one of the world leaders in the production of stationery for home, office and school.


    Named after one of the crown jewels and the largest diamond in the world in its time, Koh-I-Noor was founded in Vienna in 1790 by Josef Hardtmuth. Predominantly a producer of graphite leads and pencils, the company received many awards at world exhibitions in New York, Paris, London, Vienna and Milan.

    Their extensive catalogue contains more than 4,500 products including things such as paints, crayons, pencils, pens and other stationary items including this quirky hedgehog pencil holder which is available to buy here.

    9960M00001KK 9960M00001KK_2

    In our selection of Koh-I-Noor products there is something for everyone whether you enjoy colouring in, love drawing or need a specific grade lead for your work.

    If you draw at work or at home and are looking to add a little colour then why not try a Koh-I-Noor pencil set?

    The Mechanical Versatil Soft Pencil set comes with one Versatil Soft 5.6mm clutch pencil and five bright coloured leads in Blue, Yellow, Red, Green and Orange. The packaging is a tidy plastic case, perfect for putting in your bag and taking with you wherever you go.  Despite being a larger clutch pencil this product is not heavy and has a matte soft-grip body giving it a tidy finish.


    We even offer various 5.6mm leads to fit this pencil, you can find these in our refill section.

    If you would like more than one pencil, this Mechanical Diamond 2mm pencil set would be more suitable for your needs. The pencil casings match the lead colour making it easy to find the colour you want to use, the pencils also come in a distinctive metal case with an eraser for any mistakes.


    Both of these products, like the majority of our Koh-I-Noor pencils, come with integrated sharpeners so you never need to worry about having a blunt lead tip.

    For a little magic and excitement we also stock a range of Koh-I-Noor's Magic products which have colour changing lead! The magic comes from different coloured strips of lead being combined to create one unique, multi-coloured lead.

    4376000002PK_2                   3408024001PL

    These are just a few of our picks from our Koh-I-Noor products, to view the whole collection simply click here!


  • Which pen is for me? The lowdown on fountain, rollerball and ballpoint pens

    When it comes to choosing that upmarket and high end pen, the right tip does require a bit of thought.

    Over the years, pen manufacturers have introduced a variety of pens into the market, hoping to capture the imagination of the buying public with the next big trend in style, shape and colour. Pen designers appeal to the emotional aesthetics of the user, offering options that range from gold and platinum, to sterling silver, animal horn and exotic woods.

    Aesthetics such as these are great for style, look and feel, but what does matter most is the business end of the pen, the part of the pen that transfers the ideas in your mind onto the paper before you.

    Essentially there are three pen types, the fountain, the ballpoint and the rollerball but, which is best for you and how does one go about choosing?

    The fountain pen is the elder statesman and is the very epitome of elegance and refinement. Those who choose to write with one find their writing to be clean and measured. Almost no pressure is required to get the ink onto paper so it is ideal for those suffering from carpel tunnel or arthritis. A variety of ink colors can be used and they are perfect for any circumstance where penmanship counts! The fountain pen does however, require a bit more consideration in its use. Filling the pen with fresh ink and keeping the nib clean and serviceable takes time, effort and practice. It can however, be a totally pleasurable and alluring experience and part of the overall ambiance of these fabulous writing instruments.

    View our range of Parker fountain pens and other top brands such as Montegrappa, Diplomat and Watermen in our shop.

    Waterman fountain penThe first successful ballpoint pen was patented in 1938 by Lazlo Biro and today many still refer to any ballpoint pen as a ‘biro’. There are many advantages to ballpoint pens. The ink lasts for an incredibly long time (even years), dries quickly on the paper and does not bleed through the paper. They are practical and in most cases, disposable. Ballpoints are however limited in their application, they cannot write on wet or greasy surfaces, cannot be used upside down, sometimes take a while to get started, are limited in colour range and require greater applied pressure.

    We have a great range of ballpoints to choose from at Executive Pens Direct including popular Parker and Waterman ballpoint pen products.

    Parker Ballpoint Finally we come to the rollerball pen, the compromise. Rollerball pens were first introduced in the 1960’s and were quite revolutionary in that they offered the convenience of a ballpoint with the delivery in smoothness and clarity of a fountain pen. Ink is available in liquid or gel form allowing for a greater variety of colors. The downside is that they do not last as long as ballpoints and can leak if left uncapped, which won't do that designer shirt any good! Rollerball ink soaks quickly into the paper so there is a chance that it may bleed and soak through to the underlying page.

    Rollerballs are great gifts for if you want to give a special gift but don't want the hassle of a fountain pen. Browse our rollerball pens in our pen store today.

     Lamy Rollerball There you have it, the essential differences, pros and cons between the three. Choose wisely! Producing magic on paper requires your personal touch and style and the right writing instrument becomes a partner for life.

  • Halloween Caption Competition News

    It's the 2nd of November, Halloween is over and so is our Halloween Caption Competition!


    We are thrilled with all of your entries so thank you to all of our readers for getting involved and making us laugh with all of your captions.

    Our top 5 entries have been chosen and all of these names will go into a hat to find the winner of the Fisher Space Bullet pen. We also have some prizes planned for our four runners up as we enjoyed reading their entries so much!

    We hope you all enjoyed your Halloween weekend and thanks again for all of your witty, Halloween themed captions on our photo.

    Stay tuned to find out if you were one of the lucky people in our top 5!

  • Halloween competition now live!

    halloween_competition_soonThe time has come for the unveiling of our Halloween Spooktacular!

    In order to win the Fisher Silver Bullet Space Pen we want you to think of the best caption you can for our Halloween themed photo below. We will pick the top five comments from the blog and Facebook page and the prize winner will then be drawn from a hat.

    Here is your Halloween picture, now give us a caption! You can leave your name, email address and caption below or to enter on Facebook simply click here.

    Halloween Dogs

    The closing date for this exciting competition is the 31st October and our winner will be announced on the 2nd November, make sure you get your thinking caps on and enter for a chance to win one of our Fisher Space Pens.

  • Halloween competition coming soon!

    Halloween is on its way and we have a spook-tastic Halloween competition for all of our blog readers and Facebook fans.

    You could be in with the chance to win a Bullet pen from our range of Fisher Space pens which has the ability to write over greasy or wet paper, underwater, upside down, in high and low temperatures and even in zero gravity conditions should you ever find yourself in such a situation!

    All will be revealed at the beginning of next week so make sure to keep an eye on the blog and Facebook page!

    Halloween competition

  • Why Bother with a Personalised Pen?

    Pens make excellent gifts for any occasion, whether it's somebody who writes everyday at work or someone who enjoys writing in their spare time.

    They are also great gifts for special occasions and can be displayed, especially if they are given in a pen box or display case.

    If you do want to give a special pen for display, then make sure that the pen itself is a high quality gift that will look stunning in their home or office - like our Montegrappa pens or Visconti pens which are known for their high quality and amazing designs.

    Personalised pens make the gift much more personable and unique to each individual, giving them a writing tool that will remind them of the gifting occasion whenever they use it or whenever they see it on display.

    Personalised Parker

    A personalised pen can also be useful for personalised use, especially if you work in an environment where you write often and are surrounded by stationary. A personalised pen will make it clear to your colleagues that this is your pen which will prevent it being stolen or being used by colleagues.

    This is especially important if the pen was given to you as a gift for a special occasion and has sentimental value.

    If you want to personalise your pen then why not do something a little different than just a name? The personalisation can be related to the occasion, such as a wedding anniversary or birthday, and engraving a special date can be a unique way to remind them of the occasion.

    Personalised ParkersMany of our pens can be upgraded to personalised pens to add the extra special touch to any gift, browse our range of personalised pens at Executive Pens Direct to get some great deals on quality pens from brands such as Parker, Montegrappa and Waterman.

  • Parker Urban range of Parker pens

    Parker pens have a great reputation for providing high quality writing instruments at great prices.

    Parker Logo

    The wide range of Parker pens available on the market covers everything from executive level pens such as the Diplomat range to entry level pens such as the Parker Jotter.

    The Urban range is a relatively recent addition to the Parker pen family and boasts ergonomic design that is suitable for both left and right handed writers. The curves on the Parker Urban are designed to fit comfortably in the hand and each model has a distinctive bullet shaped barrel to accentuate the curves.


    Available in a wide selection of colour combinations from popular black and gold to blue and gold and silver variations, the Parker Urban has fast become one of Parker's most popular brands.

    There are a range of finishes from Parker for the Urban range, from a luxurious lacquer finish with chrome trim to the stunning lacquer upper barrel with electroplated lower barrel to achieve a breathtaking metallic effect.

    Each model has a stainless steel nib which allows them to have a flawless writing style. The rollerball manifestations of the pen use Parker's Rollerball Freeink Technology which gives the action a smooth feel and will enhance the writing experience.

    Parker Urban pens are excellent choices for executive gifts. Their sleek, professional looks make them ideal for giving out to clients or as a gift to your boss, whether it's a special occasion or if the recipient has achieved a target,

    If you are choosing the Parker Urban as your gift, then you should browse our range of pen cases to supply with them. A high quality pen case can really make a gift extra special and it will give the recipient a place to store the pen when it is not being used.


  • Fountain Pens for Handwriting

    With the digital age in full swing, the practice of handwriting is on it's way to becoming something of an art form.

    With computers now part of everyday life and with even the NHS moving to digital notes, handwriting is becoming less of an everyday feature of working life.

    Fountain pens are a fantastic way to improve your handwriting and teach you how to write cursive, they are used in schools around the world to help children learn to write by teaching controlled motor movements.

    Fountain pen and paperThere are a whole range of pens that are designed for improving handwriting, some are thin with fast-flowing ink and some are chunkier to help with grip and positioning problems, choosing the correct pen is vital if you want to improve your writing.

    A fountain pen will help you maintain controlled movements, which you need to perform to keep the ink running smoothly across the page and to avoid blotting the paper. A common issue that affects writing is that we try to write at the speed we type, but carefully forming the letters takes time. By simply slowing down your writing speed you are likely to see your handwriting improve significantly.

    Doodling is another technique you can use to increase your pen control and as a result better your writing. Doodling - even absent-mindedly - will improve your dexterity and will allow you to become attuned to the pen's writing style, giving you better technique and control over the way the pen moves across the page.

    Practice makes perfect! Your handwriting has probably suffered because you rarely use it, but by writing more you will begin to recover the skills you learned as a child and your writing will improve. You don't have to write hundreds of words every day, but try to incorporate handwriting into daily life.

    Make notes at work by hand instead of in a word document, or write down your shopping list to take with you rather than adding it as a note on your smartphone. If you really get into the swing of it then you can keep a journal, or even start sending hand-written correspondence to friends and family instead of email.

    We have a range of leather journals to choose from that would be perfect places to practice your handwriting in.


    Once you have rediscovered your love of handwriting, you can choose from our range of quality pens including a great choice of fountain pens. Our Lamy fountain pens provide a great quality pen to write with, whilst our Parker fountain pens will give you a great pen for unbelievable value.


  • Should I write a Journal?

    In today’s busy life the idea of writing a journal may sound like something your great grandmother did. Tapping on a mobile device is the way we do things!

    But stop and consider, there are numerous reasons why keeping a journal is a fabulous idea. Your journal can be a few sheets of paper stapled together or a beautifully bound leather journals that you will keep for years. Choose something that appeals to you and make sure it is always close by.

    You can write in your journal at a set time or as the mood takes you. Joy, pain, hope, ideas, poetry, notes, feelings, future plans, complaints and to-do lists can all be recorded in this special place.

    Amalifi Leather Journal

    Get yourself a classy and stylish pen, it makes the experience far more valuable and meaningful. Choose a slim and sleek designer ballpoint, a fabulous smooth rollerball, a thick and chunky fountain pen. Each offers a unique touch. Select the one of our quality pens that suits your style.

    Don't be shy, no one else will see your journal unless you choose to allow it. It is your personal and private story.

    If you are still sceptical, consider some of the benefits a journal has to offer.

    -Get clarity of mind, stop all those conflicts from running around in your head. Put down the pros and cons and then work your way through them in a logical manner.

    -You will find that making a list of everything you need to do gives you focus. Divide your list into immediate, short term and long term projects. Add some wonderful 'wish list' projects too, so that they are not forgotten in the day to day rush.

    -Convert your To-Do Lists into Done Lists. Nothing gives more satisfaction than looking back and seeing how far you have come.

    -Take out your stress on your journal, it won't yell back or walk out the door in a huff never to return. You will become a calmer and more relaxed person.

    -Save away interesting clips that you read about or hear. Something on the radio, the internet, a class you took or a book you want to read. Keep a note so you can follow up on these things on a rainy day.

    -Write about your mistakes and achievements. Remind yourself when you read your journal about what you did that got you to where you are today, it wasn't by chance!

    -Be creative. Doodle and draw, write poetry, create delicious recipes, write down inspiring quotes, do maths, create crossword puzzles. Whatever keeps your mind active can be done in your journal.

    -Write down what you enjoy and don't enjoy about the people in your life. Sometimes a 'friend' is a negative influence, only dragging you down and offering nothing positive. Make decisions to move forward based on these clear thoughts.

    -Keep a record of your children's progress and milestones in their lives. They will appreciate reading this when they are grown up.

    Chianti Leather Journal

    Some of these ideas may appeal to you and others not. There are many more that will come to mind once you start. A journal is a personal journey of discovery and growth. It is never too late to start!

    For a stunning range of pens to use for writing in your leather journals, take a peek here

  • DC Comic Montegrappa Pens

    Montegrappa pens are known for their high quality as well as providing limited edition products, and their DC Comic range is the latest addition to their list of quality pens.

    Montegrappa DC Comics

    Everyone knows the DC characters that have been chosen to be a part of this selection of Montegrappa pens, including Batman and Superman as well as other favourites.

    Guiseppe Aquila, Montegrappa CEO, is a big fan of DC comics and wanted to create a limited edition range of pens commemorating the most popular characters in pen-form.

    The heroes on these Montegrappa pens are Batman, Superman, Green Lantern, Cat Woman and Wonder Women. There are also three Batman villains in the range: the Joker, the Penguin and the Riddler.

    Each pen has it's own unique design and a colour scheme that fits in with the image of the hero or villain. The Batman pen has a black lacquer barrel with an image of the Dark Knight on the pocket clip, along with the golden logo on the top of the cap.

    DC Comic Pens

    Wonder Woman has a red lacquer barrel whilst the cap is white starred on a blue background to match the colours of the American flag. It also has an impression of the heroine on the pocket clip.

    The villain's pens are where some of the best design is featured, with the Penguin's pen black lacquer with white pinstripes, sporting an impression of the Penguin brandishing his umbrella on the pocket clip.

    The Riddler's pen is green lacquer with black question mark detail all over the barrel and cap, featuring a golden question mark as a pocket clip with an impression of the riddle-man himself.

    With Montegrappa pens you can be sure that you will be receiving a high quality product that is made to the high specifications that Montegrappa as a brand has become well known for.

    These pens would make a great gift for a special occasion for any comic fan or a fan of the superhero genre.

    Montegrappa DC Comics

  • Van Gogh's Birthday - A look back at the Visconti Van Gogh range

    In the run up to the anniversary of famed painter Vincent Van Gogh's birthday, the 30th March 1853, we thought we would take a look at some of his best known works and how these have inspired the master craftsmen and Visconti Pens to create a beautiful collection of writing tools. Visconti have singled out some of Van Gogh's Masterpieces and created some stunning pen collection to match the cacophony of colours and shades seen in the painters own work.

    One of the most iconic pieces has to be Van Gogh's Sunflowers. He has created many versions of the beautiful flowers but the one that stands out is the yellow hued version depicted below which was painted in 1888 and now hangs in the National Gallery in London. This painting was considered to be cutting edge at the time as experimentation with the yellow spectrum had only be made possible by recently invented pigments.

    Van Gogh Sunflowers

    Just like the painting, Visconti Italy have created the Van Gogh Sun Flowers Pen collection available in a fountain, ballpoint, rollerball pen and pencil each combing the rich shades and colours of the painting in a delicious natural resin.
    Visconti Van Gogh Sunflowers Pen

    We also have the glorious Van Gogh Starry Night Pen collection which uses the deep blue tones seen in the painting mixed with flecks of greens and reds. Take a look at the Visconti Starry Night Ballpoint Pen, a kaleidoscope of rich colours and sleek chrome trims makes this perfect for writing and art lovers alike.

    Visconti Van Gogh Starry Night Pen

    Van Gogh's Self Portraits are other well recognised pieces of his work. The one used for the inspiration for the Visconti Van Gogh Self Portrait collection is a painting which was created in Saint-Rémy in 1889, the last of Vincent's self portraits before his death in 1890. It depicts the left hand side of the artist in order to hide the mutilated right ear and combines the most beautiful light blue, green and orange tones. A colour pattern which is mirrored in Visconti's Van Gogh creations.

    Visconti Van Gogh Self Portrait Pen

    You can view all of the stunning Van Gogh Pen range from Visconti at Executive Pens Direct - Here.

  • What is the difference between rollerball pens and ballpoint pens?

    Pens are seen as a classy gift to give to an executive, corporate colleague or just to a pen enthusiast. There are a large selection of personalised parker pens available at Executive Pens Direct but there are several differences between the particular types to consider before purchasing one.

    The ink in a ballpoint parker pen is a thick oil-based ink that dries rather quicker than the rollerballs water based liquid ink, similar to a fountain pen. The rollerball is not recommended if using to write on thin paper such as in a journal or notepad as it has the tendency to bleed.

    The rollerballs liquid ink leads to a smoother feel than the ballpoint meaning that there is less pressure that needs to be applied when writing. Due to their ease to write with, rollerball pens are a good gift to consider if the giftee has carpal tunnel syndrome or arthritic hands and is considered one of the most comfortable pens to write with.

    Aesthetics and function is another aspect that differs between ballpoint and rollerball pens. It is usually the case that a ballpoint has a click or twist action, whereas a rollerball requires a removable cap to prevent the wet ink of the rollerball to dry out. This tends to give the rollerball a more sophisticated look.


    As can be seen above, the ballpoint ink is oil based and therefore less likely to dry out meaning it can have the modern click and push button mechanisms, in comparison to the rollerball which always has a lid to avoid drying. A ballpoint is seen as a good “everyday” pen yet can still hold the same prestige that all parker pens hold. Indeed the iconic parker jotter comes in many different designs, all with the ballpoint pen.

    Both styles of pens come with their pros and cons, like all things in the world. Deciding which out of the two is more superior would be difficult to say the least. When it comes to pens you want reliable, hard working, efficient and elegant. Both styles of pens come with all of these qualities and so the decision is ever harder. The parker ballpoint pen is famous in this industry, with it’s parker refills being used across many different brands due to it’s high quality. Whereas the rollerball tries and succeeds to outperform other pens. Without question, both these pens live up to the luxury of the brands that make them.


  • There's Still Time to Get Your Christmas Desk Gift Ideas!

    With Christmas only 8 days away, time is running out to buy the ideal Christmas gift for a colleague or a family member.

    Our selection of desk gift ideas are perfect for the Secret Santa that you have forgotten about, or the family member who you have been stuck for ideas for for a while.


    Desk gifts are perfect to give to both men and women who work in an office, to entertain them whilst at work and make their working day that bit brighter. They allow a worker to create their personal stamp on their environment to make it a more pleasant place to work. Something like a desk clock or desk puzzle to brighten up their work place.


    You can also engrave many of them so they are ideal for giving to family members who will be able to fondly think about you and the gift whilst they slave away at their desk.

    Our range of executive desk accessories are perfect for sending to clients or management to make them feel special and to let them know that you appreciate the work they have done or the partnership you have created.


    At Executive Pens Direct we are able to offer quick delivery on our products to try and get them to you before the big day. We offer first class postage or special delivery to get it to you the quickly - just in the nick of time to pass them on to the clients or members of staff before Christmas.

    For desk gifts that have been engraved you may have to wait between 1 and 3 days before the product is dispatched so we can make sure that the quality of your gift is the best possible.

    Depending on your delivery choices, you will have your item between 1 and 3 days after ordering (3 and 6 days if engraved) excluding weekends and public holidays. This means that if you order one of our desk gadgets or accessories today you can still have it by the weekend if you don't want it engraved! That gives you plenty of time to think on the next problem: wrapping.

    Many people work Christmas Eve and the start of next week will be when many offices do their Secret Santa's or exchange gifts before finishing for the Christmas holiday. There's still time to get the perfect fun desk accessories or executive desk gifts from our amazing selection of desk gift ideas online.

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