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New Additions

  • NEW From Monteverde & Exclusive To Executive Pens Direct!

    After lusting over pictures of these pens for quite some time we are thrilled to say we finally have them in the stock! Meet the Monteverde Invincia Nebula and the Limited Edition Regatta Northen Lights collection, each taking inspiration from the beauty and mystery of our skies.

    Both of these collections are available as a Fountain Pen, Rollerball or Ballpoint and both have uniquely stunning coloured barrels which are ever-changing under the light.

    Firstly we have the Invincia Nebula collection which is inspired by the astronomical light show of the same name. This pen is made from solid brass which is then expertly plated to produce a multi-coloured high shine finish combining hues of purple, blue and red, perfectly contrasted by the charcoal black appointments.

    Monteverde Invincia Nebula

    Even between this Rollerball and Ballpoint you can see the varying colour changes that make each pen unique and individual from the next.

    The Regatta Northern Lights collection also draws inspiration from it's namesake, the Northern Lights or Aurora Borealis. This pen incorporates a magical blend of metallic blue, green, purple and gold all complemented by gun metal trims and carbon fibre banding.

    Monteverde Regatta Northern Lights

    The colours are so vibrant and varied that they make this writing collection really stand out and catch your eye. They are also a Limited Edition range with only 1999 of each pen in distribution worldwide, the unique number of each writing instrument is shown on the pen gift box and it is marked on the pens themselves.

    Monteverde Regatta Northern Lights

    Monteverde Regatta Northern Lights Ballpoint

    Monteverde Regatta Northern Lights Fountain Pen

    Which is your favourite from these new Monteverde pens? Let us know in the comments below!

  • New To The Site | Make Your Mark With Manuscript Calligraphy

    A family-owned company established in 1989 in England, Manuscript Pen Company Ltd are one of the few remaining companies worldwide that specialise in all things calligraphy.

    Manuscript CalligraphyThey offer an extensive range of all things related to writing such as: dip pens, wax & seal sets, Chinese calligraphy sets, fountain pens and even calligraphy marker pens. Whether you are 9 or 99 there is something for people of all ages and abilites who want to improve their calligraphy skills or are just getting started in the world of writing.

    We are thrilled to introduce them to our ever-expanding collection of calligraphy items and have highlighted some of our favourite products from their expansive range.

    This Callicreations set is a great way to get started as it comes with various different tools you can use to create an assortment of products such as personalised letters and cards.

    In this set you will find a handy storage tin filled with:

    • One stylus fountain pen with two nib sections: iridium nib and 2B with protection
    • A leaflet with easy to follow instructions and creative ideas
    • Six coloured ink cartridges - Black, Blue, Purple, Turquoise, Pink & Orange
    • Five Callicreative italic markers - Black, Purple, Green, Pink & Turquoise
    • Flower seal with Purple wax
    • Practice pad and guidelines

    Manuscript Calli Creations

    You can also get this set in a Christmas edition! Perfect for creating unique Christmas cards and thank you letters this festive season.

    The Christmas set has all of the same products just in more festive colours, so in this tin you will find:

    • Stylus fountain pen with two nib sections: iridium nib and 2B with protection
    • A leaflet with easy to follow instructions and creative ideas
    • Six coloured ink cartridges - Black, Blue, Green, Turquoise, Pink & Red
    • Five Callicreative italic markers - Silver, Gold, Pink, Black and Turquoise
    • Christmas tree seal with Gold wax
    • Practice pad and guidelines

    Manuscript Christmas Creations

    For something a little different we love this Chinese calligraphy set that includes two traditional chinese brushes, a bottle of ink and a mini gold wax & seal set. Using brushes isn't the only difference between modern calligraphy and Chinese calligraphy, you also have to hold your writing tool differently to form the aesthetically perfect letters and characters.

    To find out more about Chinese calligraphy you can take a look at Manuscript's series of tutorials on using the brush, creating characters and forming Chinese letters.

    Manuscript Chinese Calligraphy Set


    For tips, tricks and some inspiration you can check out the Manuscript website where they have a whole section dedicated to you and your Manuscript products, and you can learn more about the products and how to use them over on their Youtube Channel.

    Manuscript products will be available to purchase shortly over on our site. Keep an eye out for updates!

  • Monteverde Ink Eradicator for Blue Fountain Pen Ink | Product Reviews

    Brand new for 2017, the news of Monteverde's ink eradicator reminded us of those ink-erasing pens we always wanted at school. They were a stationery must-have for young kids but often left you dissapointed when they erased a hole in your page as well as the ink.

    We hoped that this wouldn't be the case when testing Monteverde's version!

    inkeradicatorThe Ink Eradicator comes with an erasing tip on one end and a fineliner for rewriting over your mistake on the other end. It is longer than we had expected at 17cm but still small enough to fit into pencil cases and pockets.

    The ink eradicator only works on the Monteverde blue inks listed below and the inks we used were the G306BU International Standard Size cartridges. The pen used was a Monteverde Invincia Deluxe Carbon Fibre Chrome Trim Fountain pen with medium nib.


    Bottled Ink Ink Cartridges
    G308BU G302BU
    G309MU G303BU
    G300MU G376BU



    The images below show the before and after of using the ink eradicator and the third image shows the text rewritten with the fineliner end of the tool.

    The erasing tip is very effective at removing any traces of fountain pen ink and although the stain is visible in the images, after a short amount of time the trace becomes very faint and almost unnoticable. It would probably be less noticeable if you were writing on white or plain coloured paper.


    The fineliner does seem to write much darker than the colour of the fountain pen ink, but once again after a short period it does seem to dry and fade to a lighter blue colour.

    We did test whether you could rewrite over the erased section of the paper with the fountain pen but it simply absorbs the ink and so the fineliner must be used to make a mark.

    Overall we were quite impressed with this new tool from Monteverde and would recommend it for those who use Monteverde's blue inks as its affordable price is definitely worth it if it prevents you having any obvious mistakes in your writing.

  • The Game of Thrones Collection by Montegrappa

    The collaboration all pen lovers and Game of Thrones fans have been waiting for is finally here! Montegrappa definitely haven't dissapointed with their latest collection, think extravagant, intricate patterns and bold animalistic pen clips.

    Montegrappa Game of ThronesThe collection acknowledges four houses at the forefront of the epic series: Baratheon, Lannister, Stark and Targaryen. Each pen within these houses is brought to life using the house mottos, colours, sigils and the animal that represents that family name.

    Take a look at the features and styles of all of the pens below.

    Baratheon Montegrappa Lannister Montegrappa Stark Montegrappa Targaryen MontegrappaGoT


  • An Introduction to Cross - Making Their Mark Since 1846

    Known as America's oldest manufacturer of fine writing instruments, Cross was established in 1846 and it still remains headquartered at its place of origin, Rhode Island.

    crossbannerWith many pen lines in their collection there is a writing instrument for every occasion and to suit every person. Many of the lines have been around since the very beginning of Cross, such as the Peerless and Townsend ranges. Both of these are in Cross' luxury collection which is famed for its designs in precious metals like silver, gold, and platinum as well as stunning details like inset precious stones.

    The Peerless was Cross' first fountain pen, created in 1889, and it was named so because there was no competition or 'no peers' to match its exquisite design meaning it quickly became an American favourite.


    The Townsend line came into fruition in 1991 and had a design inspired by the stylish 1930's Art Deco period, they were recognisable by their distinctive finishes, precious metals and the signature double band. The Townsend may be familiar to you as it is has been the pen of choice for many American presidents including Barack Obama.

    These three Townsend writing instruments with Black Lacquer and Rhodium plate showcase that classic design but with bright, bolder finishes. These stylish Townsend's can also be engraved making them a stunning personal gift whether you are treating yourself or someone special to you. To shop simply click the image below.

    townsendBesides producing classy, traditionally-styled writing instruments, Cross also offer many interesting designs and themes that appeal to a younger audience.

    Most recently they have taken some of their most well known pens such as the Cross Century II and Click and combined them with elements from popular culture and film. The result was three Cross Century II pens inspired by Marvel and three Click pens influenced by the epic franchise that is Star Wars.

    crossmarvelThese Special Edition Superhero pens are the perfect writing instrument for anyone who loves the Marvel Universe. Designed with the classic Cross Century II profile, the pens have been given a dramatic makeover to showcase each iconic character by using their signature colours and emblems. They also come in a Marvel themed luxury presentation box making them a truly special gift.

    If the Dark Side and Star Wars is more your scene then Cross will certainly not disappoint you with this collection. They have redesigned their Click pens and Jotzone Journals to display three of the epic series most recognisable characters.

    Choose from three designs to find the perfect product for you, C-3PO Darth Vader or a Stormtrooper. We also offer a set of the Click pen and Jotzone journal so you can let everyone know how much you love Star Wars. You can browse the whole collection simply by clicking the image below.

    crossstarwarsIf you are looking for an affordable writing instrument, whether for yourself or for a friend, the Cross range is so expansive you are to find the perfect product.

    Below we have listed some of our favourite Cross picks which would make truly lovely gifts, they are all engravable meaning they can be personalised for a bespoke writing instrument.

    Cross Edge Formula Red Capless Rollerball Pen1 Cross Click Lustrous Chrome Ballpoint Pen1 Cross Beverly Purple Lacquer Ballpoint Pen1 Cross Bailey Blue Lacquer Fountain Pen1

    To shop Cross refills simply click here to browse the whole range.























  • The Lamy Safari Dark Lilac Collection is finally here!

    The rumours have been flying round since late last year and the long-awaited Lamy Safari Dark Lilac collection has finally arrived here at Executive Pens Direct!

    Lamy Dark LilacIn this Lamy Safari collection we have a Fountain Pen, Rollerball, Ballpoint and a matching Dark Lilac ink cartridge so your writing can be perfectly paired with the colour of your fountain pen. The pens are a beautiful deep purple shade with a matte finish and they have a black clip giving them a very different look from the traditional Safari.

    The fountain comes with a with a black nib that is available in four sizes: Extra Fine, Fine, Medium and Broad and you can buy additional nibs here if you like to chop and change between sizes.

    These Special Edition Lamy Safari's will be going live today so make sure you keep on checking back. We hope you love them as much as we do!

    lamylamyall lamyclip


  • New Brands and Products Added to the Shop

    Readers of the blog will know we recently added Parker's new range of Premiumised Jotters to the site, as well as this we have a new brand to introduce and some other exciting products added to our previous collections.

    Firstly, we now have Faber-Castell Design all set up and ready to buy in the shop. Faber-Castell has a very long and interesting history which can be fully explored here, but in short the company was founded in 1761 in Nuremburg, Germany and is renowned for being the World’s largest pencil manufacturer.

    Faber-Castell Design

    The Faber-Castell business has been in the Faber family for eight generations and produces everything from markers and pencils for professional artists to luxury pens for the demanding consumer.

    The Design collection from Faber-Castell is aimed at satisfying the needs of Faber-Castell's customers and also providing elegant looking writing instruments that are perfect for giving as gifts. The range contains everything you could possibly need in a stationery collection; Fountain Pens, Rollerballs, Ballpoints, Mechanical and Standard Pencils and even Organisers.

    A common theme running through the collection is the use of wood, symbolising Faber-Castell's world-wide core competence. The use of wood is complemented beautifully by lustruous chrome trims and finishes, and it ensures each product is unique because of the natural variation of the wood used.

    Our next new additions are some offerings from Lamy to add to our Safari, Logo and AL-Star ranges. We have this lovely, tidy Lamy Logo Multipen and Notebook set which is perfect for journaling and jotting on the go. The versatile Multipen also gives you the option to use a ballpoint or pencil, whichever suits your needs best.

    Lamy Logo Gift Set

    These are just a few of our favourite new editions and you can get a proper look at them by simply clicking the image. The Al-Star Bluegreen Rollerball, also available as a Fountain Pen, may look familiar to some as it was a Special Edition colour in 2014 but now it is back and here to stay as a regular edition.

    Lamy Al-Star Bluegreen Rollerball Lamy Safari Green Fountain PenLamy Al-Star Black Purple Fountain Pen Lamy Safari Neon Pink Fountain Pen

    To be in the know about all of our new additions make sure you follow the blog, add us on Facebook or join us on Twitter.


  • Brand New Parkers for 2016 - The Premiumisation of the Jotter

    We have BIG news for all of you Parker lovers out there, the Jotter has been redesigned and given a luxurious, premium look for 2016.

    parker_jotter_bannerAfter having undergone what Parker is referring to as a Premiumisation, the new Parker Jotter is made completely from metal unlike the previous part-plastic counterparts and it has coloured barrels in a range of to-die-for colours. We have two new Jotter collections, the Core and the Premium with a total of 10 new Jotters to tempt and tease you.

    In the Premium collection we have West End Gold, Bond Street Black and Diagonal Stainless Steel. The main design features for this range were taken from the history of the Jotter and previous crafted cap and barrel patterns that have been used on the Jotters since they first arrived on the scene in 1954.

    The Core collection we have chosen to showcase comprises seven Jotters, all inspired by London and its many Tube stations. In the image you can see (left to right): Kensington Red, Chelsea Orange, Portobello Purple, Waterloo Blue, Royal Blue, Bond Street Black and Victoria Violet.


    These new for 2016 collections have given a new life to the Jotter, reinventing it as a more luxurious looking pen that is still perfect for everyday writing as well as for giving as a gift on those special occasions.

    Despite these exciting changes the Jotter's signature click that we hear when extending the nib is still embedded in the design and Parker's Quickflow® technology is still present ensuring we can still enjoy that smooth, consistent writing performance that we are accustomed to with Parker products.

    A perfect blend of an iconic style and a contemporary design, the new Parker Jotters are up to date and would fit perfectly in the palm of the young professionals and fashion-conscious writers who seek a classy looking pen that is reliable and ideal for on the go, day-to-day writing.

    With the collection set to drop in April, we are fortunate to already have a few in stock: the Premium Bond Street Black and the Core Chelsea Orange, Kensington Red and Bond Street Black.

    1953202_11953189_1  1953187_11953184

    Simply follow the links above or check out our New Parker Jotter category, to shop these products and keep your eyes peeled for more announcements regarding the other new colours.

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