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Monthly Archives: April 2018

  • NEW From Monteverde & Exclusive To Executive Pens Direct!

    After lusting over pictures of these pens for quite some time we are thrilled to say we finally have them in the stock! Meet the Monteverde Invincia Nebula and the Limited Edition Regatta Northen Lights collection, each taking inspiration from the beauty and mystery of our skies.

    Both of these collections are available as a Fountain Pen, Rollerball or Ballpoint and both have uniquely stunning coloured barrels which are ever-changing under the light.

    Firstly we have the Invincia Nebula collection which is inspired by the astronomical light show of the same name. This pen is made from solid brass which is then expertly plated to produce a multi-coloured high shine finish combining hues of purple, blue and red, perfectly contrasted by the charcoal black appointments.

    Monteverde Invincia Nebula

    Even between this Rollerball and Ballpoint you can see the varying colour changes that make each pen unique and individual from the next.

    The Regatta Northern Lights collection also draws inspiration from it's namesake, the Northern Lights or Aurora Borealis. This pen incorporates a magical blend of metallic blue, green, purple and gold all complemented by gun metal trims and carbon fibre banding.

    Monteverde Regatta Northern Lights

    The colours are so vibrant and varied that they make this writing collection really stand out and catch your eye. They are also a Limited Edition range with only 1999 of each pen in distribution worldwide, the unique number of each writing instrument is shown on the pen gift box and it is marked on the pens themselves.

    Monteverde Regatta Northern Lights

    Monteverde Regatta Northern Lights Ballpoint

    Monteverde Regatta Northern Lights Fountain Pen

    Which is your favourite from these new Monteverde pens? Let us know in the comments below!

  • National Stationery Week Competition 2018

    National Stationery Week 2018, natstatweek

    This National Stationery Week we all want to know about the stationery that makes your world go round, that one trusty piece that is always with you in your pocket or pencil case.

    Give us a great answer and you might get to introduce this bundle of goodies in to your collection!

    You can get your hands on a Platignum fountain pen, a pack of 8 Paper Mate Inkjoys in Assorted Fun Colours, a Steadtler Pencil Set, 4 Koh-I-Noor Calligraphy Markers, a Fisher Space Bullet Pen and Leather Pen Pouch and a Philippi Guardian Angel bookmark.

    National Stationery Week

    To get you started we will tell you what we can't live without.

    The humble highlighter, we don't care about the colour, green, orange or yellow, any will do.

    We use the highlighter for counting in stock, completing checklists and making sure important add-ons on your orders are all accounted for. You'll often find us dashing about the office wondering where we had one last!

    It's safe to say without our trusty highlighters we would be feeling a bit lost, and our bits of paper wouldn't be half as colourful.

    Now tell us, is it the stapler or the novelty dog-shaped paperclip? Which item of stationery could you not live without?

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